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Uplift Planter: A Safe Haven for Your Plants

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Lea Kuscer
26 February, 2024 • Updated 15 days ago
uplift planter

Have you ever moved into an apartment that didn’t have enough light to keep all your plants alive? 

I did. It wasn’t fun at all. Half of them died after a few weeks. Hydroponic systems are an excellent solution for watering. But where does the light come into the picture?

If I had a device that would give them light, they would still decorate my living room and bedroom today. I would maybe even become an indoor gardener.

The team at Modern Sprout had the same problem as I and they decided to create a product that resolves this issue efficiently.

Why Purchasing the Uplift Planter?

The Uplift Planter is a smart plant stand that provides the perfect amount of light for your plants. It comes with a planter, a stand, and a light. It has a modern design that can fit into any interior. It’s the perfect addition to an apartment if you are a plant lover and don’t have enough light in your home.

One feature separates this planter from others on the market. It is the option to control the light intensity along with the recommended presets for various plant types. That means that you can put virtually any plant in and adjust the light so it can grow at any time of the day. You can get yours for as little as $159 on the Uplift Kickstarter page. But why would you need it?

planter and bathtub

Firstly, Uplift Planter has a contemporary design that looks great in any modern household and can lift the spirits in every kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even bathroom. It consists of the stand, the planter, the manual on/off switch, the adjustable and removable light fixture with a full-spectrum natural light with a 4000k color range made to nourish your plant in darker corners of the room. If other plants in your home need light, you can simply take the fixture out. Next, you put it into different pots.

uplift planters

Moreover, this device is managed through an app that lets you control the light intensity. You can also schedule the light, or turn on the recommended presets for each plant. From there, you can access the FAQ and customer support, as well.

light fixture on planter

Lastly, the Planter’s height is 43 inches. The pot is 8 inches high and 10 inches wide, while the light is 5 inches wide, enough to cover the whole plant with light. You can even detach the light fixture to put it into other pots when your Uplift plant has had enough light.

uplift planter height

How to Improve Your Life Quality With Uplift Planter

As Modern Sprout likes to say, the Uplift Planter “brings the healing power of plants into every room.” It enables you to breathe in the fresh air every day. You could even become an indoor gardener. For instance, you could grow herbs and small vegetables from the comfort of your home.

If you get more than one, you could create a real modern green oasis, no matter how small or dark your apartment is.

light fixture

If you need a smart pot to create an oasis in a dark room, make sure to order your Uplift Planter as soon as possible.

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