About MuchNeeded

Our goal at MuchNeeded is to help consumers around the world easily decide what their next purchasing decision will be. We strive to provide unbiased and objective recommendations based on testing, product specifications, and feedback from the previous and current consumers. 

Since our priority is to offer value to our readers, we collaborate closely with companies that reach to us with a request to show our content to their audiences while maintaining our editorial standards and independent publishing policy. 

If you are a brand that has been chosen as one of our best picks, a media company that is interested in using our content in your publications, advertising campaigns, or have another idea about how we might work together, you’ve come to the right place. 

Please note that regardless of our partnerships, our editorial recommendations are not swayed by the collaboration, and our editorial team maintains full independence as they adherer to stringent editorial standards when researching and writing our reviews.


Partnerships & Press

Our editorial team loves to talk about their favorite products to the media. Their marketing logic is to spread the word about great products far and wide. If you are interested in an interview with an editor or have a general press inquiry, please reach out to us. 

Have a Product Suggestion?

Our content calendar is usually filled with several products across different categories every month. However, we always love hearing about new products that we can review and recommend to our readers. 

If you are a retailer that have a product that you would like us to review, please reach out to us at info@muchneeded.com.

Syndicate our Content

MuchNeeded allows approved partners to leverage versions of our content so that they may inform their readers. Syndicating MuchNeeded content or developing more significant content partnerships can offer an additional voice to your audience and offset the high cost of producing commercial content. 

We can tailor the program where you can syndicate existing content or have us create an exclusive editorial for your use that produces revenue right out of the gate. Don’t hesitate to email us at info@muchneeded.com if you want to learn more. 


At this time, we do not accept advertising on MuchNeeded as our goal is to offer unbiased product recommendations to our readers. 

Licensing And Awards

By getting our hands dirty and doing product research in-house, reviewing and analyzing customer feedback, and talking to interview industry professionals, our team of independent experts chooses products they think are best for most people in different categories. 

Editors Pick: This badge is awarded to products that are usually cutting edge or offers the most value according to our Editors. These products might not be affordable for most people but for those who appreciate craftsmanship, engineering, and quality usually go by this recommendation.

Top Pick: These are usually people’s favorite, most reliable, and most reviewed products earn this badge from our editors. The focus here is on recommending products that stand out from the crowd and move the needle in terms of price, performance, and quality. These are products suitable for most people.

Budget Pick: Our position is that a good product does not always have to be expensive. Our budget picks are for people that want the best for less. These products are selected based on their price to performance ratio and after relative analysis of other products in the same category.

If you are the brand or manufacturer behind our Editor’s Pick, Top Pick, or Budget Pick, you can apply to license our award logo, company logo, or editorial text to use in your marketing, advertising, press, or advertorial. Please email info@muchneeded.com if you are interested to share your story with the media or if you have another press inquiry than the ones we mentioned.

Editor's Pick Badge
Top Pick Badge
Budget Pick Badge

Our horizontal logo is the primary MuchNeeded logo. This is the preferred logo to use in print or online when listing MuchNeeded as a partner/sponsor or in content.

White Background
Neutral Background
Dark Background
Color Background


The smile is a symbol that is used in MuchNeeded logo. As part of brand identity, this symbol is used on our social platforms and will help distinguish our brand assets.

MuchNeeded doesn’t just provide information with a higher signals-to-noise ratio: We want to save you time and make your life easier.


To ensure that logos are clearly visible, surround them with clear space that is free of type, graphics, and other elements that might cause visual clutter.

Logo Crimes

To maintain the integrity of the MuchNeeded logo, and to promote the consistency of the brand, please do not misuse it. Some logo crimes are listed below.

Do not
Do not use unapproved color combinations
Do not
Do not use unapproved style
Do not
Do not use a drop shadow
Do not
Do not use the logo on top of complex backgrounds
Do not
Do not crop the logo
Do not
Do not outline the logo
Do not
Do not disproportionally scale the logo

Color Palette

Our brand color palette is a mixture of bright colors and pastel colors. The main color palette includes Ebony black for Header and Footer that provides a strong foundation to the design.

The raspberry red is used as an “action color” on hyperlinks and buttons, which tells people that this is a clickable element. The Turquoise green is used to improve “Content UX” as it is used in Headings, separators, and category links.

Raspberry Red

HEX #E45864

RGB 228, 88, 100

Turquoise Green


RGB 61, 199, 190

Ebony Black

HEX #111111

RGB 17, 17, 17

We peppered the design with secondary palette colors throughout to soften the experience and to impart trust, comfort, and optimism. The secondary colors, though used sparingly as accents in category icons and in visual enhancing elements.

Flamingo Pink

Hex #FFC3C1

RGB 255, 195, 193

Sorrell Brown

Hex #F0DCD0

RGB 240, 220, 208

Sky Blue

Hex #B7DBE6

RGB 183, 219, 230