Top 10 Best Surface-Mounted Speakers for Car Reviews

Good music has the potential to make your drive pleasant. It is also obvious that without a good quality sound system you can’t enjoy the ride. If you are the one who loves to listen to the music while on the go, then you must get suitable surface-mounted speakers as it provides you the volume that you always want.

Listen to the music is the only entertainment source while traveling and everyone likes it. Some people switch on the radio to enjoy the shows, news, songs, and sports updates; it is not possible without a proper sound that you will get by installing the surface-mounted car speakers. These speakers are available in different sizes, prices, features, and qualities.

All you need to check before the purchase is your requirements. There are infinite brands that make great audio equipment. We include the Top 10 Best Surface mounted speakers of different prices. Please read our Audiophile’s Guide to Buying Car Speakers 2019 if you someone who loves to read in-depth before purchase.

Quick Overview: The Best Surface-Mounted Speakers for Car

Image Product Details
watt-table__image TOP PICK Jensen HDS3000
  • 800-watt speaker
  • sensitivity of 89 dB
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $100
watt-table__image BOSS AUDIO AVA6200
  • delivers a power of 80 watts
  • sensitivity of 90 dB
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $50
watt-table__image Pyramid TW1193
  • 100-watt system
  • lightweight audio equipment
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $25

Best Surface-Mounted Speakers for Car Under $25

10. Pyramid TW1193 2-Inch Surface-Mount Tweeter

Pyramid TW1193 2-Inch Tweeter

It is a tricky task to find a low-priced audio system with great audio quality. Sometimes you are successful to find a system that offers perfect audio, but the price of that device is quite high.

The Pyramid Surface-Mount Tweeter is designed for the people of every budget. This 100-watt system is ideal for your car as it provides a great volume and makes your drive enjoyable.

It is lightweight audio equipment that only weighs 2.4 ounces with a dimension of 8 x 6.2 x 1.8 inches. It offers a frequency response of 5 kHz to 30 kHz and also minimizes the distortion. This Pyramid TW1193 comes with a warranty of 1 year.

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9. Lanzar DCT Silk Dome Neodymium Flush Surface or Angle Mount Tweeter

Lanzar DCT Silk Dome Neodymium Flush Surface Tweeter

The 150-watt speaker is worth buying as it fills your car with pleasant music. No matter how long your destination is, it will keep entertained all day. The way it plays the music is astounding, and you will be glad to listen to your favorite song with this system.

Lanzar Flush Surface or Angle Mount Tweeter weights 13.6 ounces and dimension of 7x 5.6 x 3.3 inches. Once you installed the system, you would want to stay in your car for longer. You will get a warranty for 1 year with this exceptional audio tool.

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8. Pyramid 2022SX Mini Box Speaker System

Pyramid 2022SX Mini Box System

This is a Pyramid mini box speaker system with a 1.75 dispersion cone midrange, magnetic structure of 24oz, excursion woofer of 3.25 inch, and base reflex cabinets.  This 3-way speaker is great for the money.

Its audio performance is fine as it is designed to fill your car with music. You will never get bored with the music when you are on the go. It delivers a power of 200 watts and offers a guarantee of 1 year. It can easily be mounted on your car.

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7. Waterproof 3″ Surface Mount Satellite Speaker

Waterproof 3″ Surface Mount Speaker

People have certain demands, and they always want to buy a speaker that fulfills their expectations. There are very few audio devices that are designed with the great functions.

The Waterproof Satellite Speaker is one of the devices that gives a great performance as well as perfect for marine use.

It is UV-proof and waterproof. This 25-watt system provides a frequency response of 250 to 18,000 kHz and 4 ohms impedance. This speaker looks fabulous in black color.

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Best Surface-Mounted Speakers for Car Under $50

6. BOSS AUDIO AVA6200 Enclosed System Speakers

BOSS AUDIO AVA Enclosed System SpeakersEveryone loves to buy a smart and good looking speaker as it makes your car look good. Besides the looks, it is the audio quality that makes the speaker worth buying.

While driving, people prefer to keep them entertained by playing different types of music and hence they are willing to get a system that easily plays every track in a great manner.

The BOSS Enclosed System Speakers is one that you can pick as it excels in all the qualities. It is a 3-way system that delivers a power of 80 watts, a frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 kHz, a sensitivity of 90 dB. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 3 years.

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5. PolyPlanar VHF Extension Speaker

best PolyPlanar VHF Extensions SpeakerThe PolyPlanar VHF Extension Speaker is a marine system that offers a power of 16 watts on each pair, a frequency response of 1 to 10 kHz, and a sensitivity of 83 dB.

It is a corrosion-proof and waterproof audio system that performs well.  It features Teflon coated wires, polypropylene cone, plastic frame, and grills. The speaker can be purchased in white or black color.

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4. Pyle PLMR63 Pair 200 Watt Water-Resistant Marine Speakers

Pyle PLMR63 Pair 200 Watt Speakers

This sound system is waterproof with several great functions. This 2-way speaker can be used for cars and marine.

The Pyle Water-Resistant Marine Speakers offer great performance. Listening to the music with this system is a treat to ears. You will surely enjoy the time spent in the car.

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Best Surface-Mounted Speakers for Car Under $100

3. Jensen HDS3000 Heavy-Duty Surface-Mount Speakers

Jensen HDS3000 Heavy-Duty Speakers

It is an 800-watt speaker that is weatherproof. The Jensen Surface-Mount Speakers features detach grilles for the flush mounting, polypropylene mica woofer cone of 5 inches, wedge enclosure for flat mounting, aluminum voice coil of 1 inch, and barium ferrite magnet of 10 oz.

It offers the sensitivity of 89 dB, a frequency response of 90 Hz to 10 kHz, and impedance of 4 ohms.

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2. Pioneer TS-X200 Surface Mount 3-Way Bass-Reflex Speakers

Pioneer TS-X200 Surface Mount 3-Way Speakers

The Pioneer Surface Speakers received a full rating on Amazon, and it indicates that this device is manufactured with great technology.

It features ¾ inch ceramic horn tweeter, ceramic horn midrange of 2-1/4 inch, and polypropylene cone woofer of 4 inches. With this Pioneer speaker, you will get a 1-year warranty on labor and parts.

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1. Boston Acoustics SOUNDWARE 4.5-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Coaxial Speaker 

Boston Acoustics SOUNDWARE 4.5-Inch IndoorOutdoor Speaker

Whether you look at the design, performance, installing process, durability, or sound, it is an A-one speaker with exceptional qualities.

It has a unique shape that makes it stands out. The Boston Acoustics Speaker is a 2-way device that can be mounted at any angle.

You can also mount it either on the wall or any suitable corner. Being a versatile speaker, you have the liberty to use it outdoor as well as indoor as it is a weatherproof system. You might like our Top 10 Best Water Speakers.

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*All prices mentioned above are at the time of publishing.