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UPstage180: Yin and Yang of Excellent Sound and Soothing Light

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Lea Kuscer
24 June, 2024 • Updated 25 days ago
Upstage180 Light

Music plays an essential role in our everyday lives. If you’re an audiophile, buying car speakers or the best multi-room speaker system is probably at the top of your list. Now it’s time to equip your home, as well.

Level 10 takes this extremely seriously, so they created UPstage180, a smart little speaker that enables you to listen to your favorite music while providing you soothing light for working and reading. Its sleek looks fit in any modern household. You can either place it on the table or mount it to a wall if you prefer it above your working desk or your sofa. 

What Upstage180 Offers

Streaming your favorite music has never been easier. You can simply pair it with your device and play music from it.

Besides the option to connect it to your device and stream music, it offers different mood settings. They offer ambient sound effects, such as waves of the sea, rain, or bird songs. Frequencies of these sounds are specifically tailored to resonate with your body and help you relax and sleep better.

The coolest feature of the UPstage180 is the contents on the compact shell. Excellent sound combined with soothing light is all you need after a long day. You can get your early bird for as little as $315 on the UPstage180 Kickstarter page.


UPstage180 has a minimalist design that can enhance the atmosphere in any room. It combines relaxing sounds and comforting light. The 48 LED bulbs provide three operating modes, each giving a soft light that feels like a sunset.  

upstage180 in a room

It can fit on your working desk, your bedside table or serve as a stylish and functional wall decoration. It comes in handy when you need natural light for your evening reading sessions.

upstage180 light

The micro structure light guide plate creates a warm light temperature to avoid eye strains. It makes a safe environment for your eyes since it emits the light that is soothing to the eyesight. Plus, it converts any room in your home into a cozy haven.

carbon fiber twoofer

The shell hides a glass speaker driver and a carbon fiber Twoofer that deliver crisp and balanced full-range sound, making every evening a pleasant one. These components work together to deliver a fusion of clear sounds so you can fell asleep easily and without distractions.

upstage180 collage

UPstage180 looks good on any surface, even when the lights and the sounds are turned off. Get yours before the limited time offer runs out.

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