Top 10 Beach Cities of the World

A beach is one of the most go-to destinations of children and adults alike. It is typical scenery to see people crowding in the seashore every summer. When the sun is up, expect numbers of visitors sprawling at the beach with their sun blocks and gears on.

Life’s a beach! To some, beach is no fun compared to hiking, trekking and skydiving. But to many, life in the beach is full of adventure. From sea adventures like snorkeling to surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, and motor boating, the beach could also offer land adventures like beach volleyball, beach mini golf, Frisbee and many more.

When you are tired of the usual city life with high-rise buildings and air pollution, if you want to cool off and unwind from the stressful work, run off to the beach. Pack your swimming gears and go straight off to the inviting crystal-clear emerald water and have a swim. Go ahead, relax, enjoy and unwind only after you spot the perfect destination in the list of the top ten beach cities in the world, according to the National Geographic.

10. Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver Canada

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Vancouver is a home to ten beaches with their own qualities. Whether you are looking for nice sand to sprawl and relax or to have an outdoor beach activity with your friends or to just show-off your water sports skills, you can have it at Vancouver.

The most common beach in the city is the Kitsilano Beach also known as the “Kits Beach”. It is the “Venice Beach” of Canada with the heated saltwater pool covered with oceans and mountains. Some other beaches include Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks, West End Beaches, Second and Third Beaches, Wreck Beach.

9. Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv Israel

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Tel Aviv is known for the three seas surrounding it – the Mediterranean, the Dead and the Red seas. The Mediterranean beaches are often called the “Miami Beach” on the Mediterranean. From the months of May to September, thousands of Israelis and foreigners flock by the Mediterranean Sea.

The most common beach is the Beit Yannai Beach located in the Mediterranean Sea which is considered as Israel’s kite-surfing site. Other beaches include Coral Reef Beach of the Red Sea, Banana Beach and Dado Zamir Beach in the Mediterranean, Mineral Beach of Dead Sea, and many more.

8. Sydney, Australia
Sydney Australia

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Surrounded by dozens of beautiful white sand beaches, Sydney is a great place to spend your holidays by the beach. From peaceful bays and coves to the roaring surf waves, Sydney assures a wonderful beach experience.

Sydney is particularly known for the Bondi Beach which is the most popular in the city. The beach is perfect for surfers, or even the usual beach goers. During May to early October, keep watch for the migrating whales.

7. Santa Monica, California
Santa Monica California

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Santa Monica beach is situated at the western part of Downtown Los Angeles. Known as one of the largest beaches in the country, the beach is a great example of the famed Southern California beaches.

Tourists visit the beach because of its maintained soft sand beach, various activities and attractions and just a walking distance from innovative hotels, shops and restaurants. Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze, vibrant ambiance, and look for sea lions.

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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Despite the news about this beautiful city, Rio is mostly visited by tourists because of the beautiful beaches around the city. From the stunning Ipanema and Copacabana, to more private and lesser-known beaches, the city offers a good round of wonderful beaches

Among the other beaches in the city, Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are the two most favorite beaches. It is common for surfing, sunbathing, and swimming. Other beaches include Barra da Tijuca, Prainha, Praia Vermelha and others.

5. Miami Beach, Florida
Miami Beach Florida

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Since the early 20th century, Miami Beach has been one of America’s outstanding beach resorts. It is also the most favorite go-to beach of the famous models and TV personalities especially the South Beach.

Miami Beach offers an environment of a city life and a beach destination at the same time. At the shore of the Miami Beach, you can go swimming, surfing, jet skiing and sunbathing. Hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes and everything is just a short walk distance from the beach.

4. Nice, France
Nice France

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Nice is wrap around with beautiful beaches all along the bay of Angels from the airport to the edge of Mont Boron. The beach is composed of smooth rocks which they call “galets”.

So if you long for a sandy beach, Nice beaches are not for you. Centenaire and Magnan beaches are known for the galets. Although the government could replace these pebbles with sand, the locals are against it as they want to maintain the iconic galets in the seashore of the city’s beaches.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu Hawaii

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Honolulu is best known for its fantastic beaches as its location is an island separated from the US mainland. Among the various beaches in the city, the Waikiki Beach has been the most popular destination.

However, people overcrowd the area making it hard to spot a place to lay down your towel. Other beaches include San Souci Beach, Diamond Head Beach which is known for windsurfing, surfing and sunbathing, and the Kahala Beach.

2. Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town South Africa

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Although Africa is mostly known for its wild life, sanctuaries and safaris, it has also the most beautiful beaches in the world. From the trendy shores to the warmer salt waters, Cape Town beaches are the perfect destinations for beachgoers.

Cape Town beaches coasts off their white sand beaches, blazing sunset, sea boards and refreshing sea temperature. Bay Beach is the most favorite beach. Did you know that the Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town has been the home of a colony of African penguins?

1. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Spain

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Not a fan of white sand or pebbled beaches? Well, try Barcelona beaches. The city’s beaches are commonly known for its golden sand, not the typical white, black or pebbled sand. Barceloneta Beach is the first on the list of the Barcelona beaches.

During the summer months, expect a lot of people crowding by the seashore. However, it is not always a sunny day in Barcelona so try your luck visiting the city in a good weather. Other beaches include Icària Beach, Marbella Beach or the “Nudist Beach”, and the Sitges Beach.