Top 10 Cities by Population in USA

The third largest country by total area, United States of America (USA) is also known as the world’s third most populous country. With America’s motto “In God We Trust,” the country is one of the world’s most ethical and multicultural diverse nations. While millions of tourists visit the country every year, millions of migrants and

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Top 10 Cities by Population in the World

Have you ever wondered what is the most populated city in the world? It may be your own town, or it might be one of your favorite cities. It doesn’t matter what the land area of the city measures, what is important here is the estimate of the people living in that particular field. However,

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Top 10 Most Poor Cities of the World

While you complain about the food you eat, some people usually don’t get to eat three times a day. While you despise the way you live, homeless people are living in the streets. While you hate your life, there are those individuals who are struggling to live. Life is entirely fair, but it only has

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