Top 10 Strongest Buildings in the World

The world is now prone to earthquakes. Due to the climate change we are experiencing nowadays, mother earth is suffering the consequences of our actions. As time goes by and technology advances, life became easier but the world became darker. Today, people can now experience the massive changes and damages of what has been destroyed. Every year, the world encounters different heavily-wrecking calamities.

From the super typhoons to the fluctuation of temperatures, killing earthquakes to tsunamis and floods, these are just a few disastrous natural calamities that we can never avoid. However, in the world full of such, have you ever wondered what are the strongest buildings in the world? There are buildings established for long or few years and withstood different calamities or other forms. But it stood still and now, we will talk about the Top 10 Strongest Buildings in the World.

10. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Spaulding Rehabilitation HospitalSource and image:

The structure is a rehabilitation teaching hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts. It serves as the official teaching hospital for Harvard medical school’s department of physical medicine and rehabilitation and the main campus of the Spaulding Rehabilitation network.

It was founded 1971 as Massachusetts rehabilitation hospital and has been the only hospital in New England to be continuously ranked by the US News and world report in its best hospital survey since 1995 and was ranked 4th in 2010.

9. Public Safety Building

Public Safety BuildingSource and image:

The building is yet to be completed in just a few months. Purposely to house the capital city’s police and fire departments as well as an emergency operations center. The earthquake-proof,the energy-efficient facility will replace the 50-year-old public safety headquarters at 315 E.200 south.

This will be the first time in Salt Lake City that police and fire forces will be combined aiming to provide emergency services more efficiently. Also, the building features an essential shock absorber system designed to ensure the forces can survive and help the city recover in the event of a disaster, for example, an earthquake. The building will feature a multi-use space for social gatherings, and a new outdoor plaza that will create more space downtown.

8. Kansai International Airport

Kansai International AirportSource and image:

The structure is located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, south-west of Osaka station. It was designed by an Italian architect Renzo Piano. The airport serves as an international hub for all Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, and Nippon Cargo Airlines.

Kansai started operating on the 4th of September year 1994 to relieve overcrowding at Osaka International Airport which is closer to Osaka and now handles only domestic flights. Initially, the airport was planned to be built near Kobe, but the city of Kobe refused the plan, so the airport was moved to a more southerly location on Osaka Bay.

7. Maeslantkering, Nieuwe Waterweg

Maeslantkering, Nieuwe WaterwegIt is a storm surge barrier. It is located between the Nieuwe Waterweg Waterway located at Hoek Van Holland. The structure is a part of the delta works, and it is one of the largest moving structures on earth. Its construction was a part of the Europoort Kering project which was the final stage of delta works.

Europoort is an important part and the surrounding towns and agricultural areas for a purpose of improving the safety against flooding of the Rotterdam harbour. This played an important role in the planning of stage construction, as this waterway is the main route to the port of Rotterdam, at that time, the world’s largest port. On May 10, 1997, after six years of construction, Queen Beatrix opened the Maeslantkering which is linked to weather and sea level data.

6. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

akashi longest bridgeIt is a suspension bridge crossing the busy Akashi Strait as part of the Honshu-Shikoku highway. The bridge had the longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world at 1,991 metres.

Also, it is one of the links which created three routes across the Inland Sea. The bridge is 3,911 metre long overall. The bridge consists 1,737 illumination lights: 1084 for the main cables, 116 for the main towers, 405 for the girders and 132 for the anchorages.

5. Shanghai Tower

famous tower of chinaThe Shanghai tower is 2,073 feet high consisting 128 storeys. It is designed for high energy efficiency, retail and leisure use. Its construction began in November 2008 and was completed just this past summer of 2015. The building is currently the tallest in China and the 2nd tallest in the world.

The tower was designed by Gensler, an American architectural firm with architect Jun Xia, a Chinese national leading the design team. The tower’s capability of accommodation is up to 16,000 people on a daily basis. It is intended to limit swaying at the top of the structure.

4. CCTV Building

cctv headquarters building chinaThe CCTV Headquarters is 768 feet tall, 44 storey skyscraper on East Third Ring Road, Guanghua Road in the Beijing Central Business District. Its ground breaking ceremony took place on June 1, 2004, and it was completed in January 2008.

After the delay of its construction due to fire which engulfed the adjacent television cultural center, the headquarters were finally completed in 2012. Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren of OMA were the architects, while Arup provided the complex engineering design.

3. One World Trade Center

 One World trade center usaThe tallest building in the Western Hemisphere measures 1,776 foot-tall. Dubbed as the “freedom tower” is ranked as the 6th tallest building in the world. The structure has the same name as the North tower of the original world trade center which was destroyed completely in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011. It is bounded by West Street to the west, Vesey Street to the north, Fulton Street to the south and Washington Street to the east.

Its architect was David Childs whose firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill also designed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Willis Tower. It was referred to as the tallest structure in New York City on April 30, 2012, when it surpassed the Empire state building. The building opened on November 3, 2014. It is 104 standard floors high but consists 94 stories. The construction of the building is part of an effort to memorialize and rebuild following the destruction of the original world trade center complex.

2. Torre Mayor

Torre MayorSource and image:

With a height of 225 metres into the top floor and 55 stories, it is the 3rd tallest building in Mexico. Its name means “major tower”. The Torre Mayor was developed by Canadian businessman Paul Reichmann, who maintains part ownership. The building was designed by architectural firms of Zeidler Partnership Architects and Executive Architects Adamson Associates Architects, both of Toronto.

Construction work began 1999 and finished 2003. Also, the tower incorporates several anti-earthquake measures due to Mexico’s high propensity to earthquakes. It is considered as one of the strongest buildings on earth being designed to withstand earthquakes measuring 8.5 on the Richter scale.

1. Taipei 101

Famous Taipei TowerFormerly known the Taipei world financial center is a landmark supertall, skyscraper situated in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. In 2004, the building was classified as the tallest in the world. The leadership in energy and environmental design awarded the LEED platinum in 2011 and it became the tallest and largest green building in the world.

The building was designed by C.Y. Lee and Partners, and was constructed by Samsung C&T and KTRT Joint Venture. Its construction started in 1999 and was finished, 2004 and served as an icon of modern Taiwan ever since it started to operate. The tower is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes. The Taipei 101 is primarily owned by pan-government shareholders.