Top 10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Wedding jitters, preparations, plans, and wedding bells, it sounds exciting to get married, but the preparation is so much exhausting as it sounds. The honeymoon is one of the biggest problems encountered by most of the couples. Romance is distinctive to every couple who plans their romantic getaway.

However, this diversity leads them to a wide range of honeymoon beneficence, so it is important to consider the right choices for the newlywed’s honeymoon destination. After all, a honeymoon is the first stage of creating lifetime memories to maintain the radiance and intensity of a remarkable wedding.

This year, the lists of the most popular honeymoon destinations offer a plunge of exciting and budget-friendly romantic getaways suitable for newly married couples. The listed top 10 most popular honeymoon destinations are visited for its secluded and beautiful beaches, great outdoor activities, active bars and nightclubs, and historical museums. Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations for 2017.

10. Florida, USA

best place for honeymoon in usaA safe place for an affordable adventure, Florida is just a perfect honeymoon destination with tropical weather, friendly people, and different activities for the newlyweds. The general subtropical climate is Humid which means the place rarely snows. Aside from being surrounded by beautiful tropical beaches, the state also marks the sanctuary of the Florida Keys, the Paradise Coast and the fast lane of Orlando.

The Walt Disney World Resorts are also perfect for a fairy-tale-like themed honeymoon. Various packages such as the honeymoon, deluxe and romantic packages are available for the Disney resort. Florida is a perfect honeymoon spot with great dining, extreme preferences for golf, outdoor adventures, spas, and nature stream.

9. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

honeymoon destination around victoria fallsZimbabwe offers a more adventure-filled getaway where the couple has the opportunity to tour around the wildlife, dazzling lakes, and the wonders of nature. While the international terminal located at the Victoria Falls Airport nears its opening, a sudden increase in some exclusive hotels and tour operators have been recorded.

Zimbabwe boasts one of the world’s biggest and most breath-taking waterfalls called the Victoria Falls. Although Zimbabwe is mostly savannah, lush evergreen highlands and curved lines the natural beauty of the country. Most of the places overviewing the verdant gardens, amazing lake scenery, wildlife sanctuary and mesmerizing landscapes are perfect for the nature lover couples.

8. Negril, Jamaica

best place for your honeymoonLocated in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica offers wide tropical beaches and parched plains in between the Foggy Blue Mountains. Friendly and fun people, tropical landscapes, great culture and tradition, world-class resorts, and mouth-watering cuisines, what more could a honeymooner ask for?

Various suites and villas are located in the place which caters the needs of their guests. Furthermore, sea adventures are also open for the vacationists such as diving and snorkeling. Negril is a great place for a romantic getaway while relaxing in the clear, refreshing water and enjoying the sounds of the jungle and the tantalizing views.

7. Rivas, Nicaragua

honeymoon destination in nicaraguaThe largest city in the Central American isthmus, Nicaragua is surrounded by lakes, fresh waterfalls, valleys, fertile lowland fields and beaches. The soil is greatly fortified by the next volcanic’ ashes. The country is mostly visited and the best options for the eco-adventure lovers.

The honeymooners could take on surfing with the daunting ocean waves and enjoy the beautiful view of the beaches. Rivas also brings you into an environment of different species and wildlife, especially birds. Priority on the physical and mental fitness travel is also emphasized here.

6. Hawaii, USA

hawaii for honeymoon holidaysRomance on a magical island while spending the rest of the days sauntering by the white beach and exploring new adventures on the tropical paradise, is there anything else to ask for? Stargazing, moonlight dancing, enjoying excellent foods, culture and activities are just a few of those fantastic adventures to do in Hawaii.

Hawaii has many different beaches which mean there are options for you to choose. The serenity and tranquility of the beach would also be ideal for a peaceful honeymoon. The place is perfect for the honeymooners who are craving for a serene beach escapade.

5. Bodrum, Turkey

best honeymoon destination in turkeyA harbor point for the yachting post, Bodrum is filled with white-washed Aegean amulet. While Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate, yacht sailing is the most popular activity in the place. The lovers could take a few nights “gulet” sailing which is considered one of the most romantic activities in Bodrum. The “gulet” is a handmade wooden boat boarding at the marina bay.

Celebrities and swimsuit models are roaming around the beaches offering an enticing view to joining the crowd. The place is also a cultural and historical site featuring the ruins of Ephesus close to the place. Bodrum offers a jet-setting and cruising with yachts.

4. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

bora bora france honeymoon destinationWhile people come up-and-back to the place, Bora Bora’s economy is progressing with the tourism. Through the years, resorts and hotels have been established in the area to supply the booming tourism and economic growth. Bora Bora is also known for its over-the-water bungalow hotels overseeing the wide blue ocean.

Due to its white sand beaches encircled by clear, deep blue waters, Bora Bora could captivate the hearts of its guests to visit the place often. Comfortable, luxurious resorts and spas thatched roof houses; fictitious ambiance creates the ideal honeymoon destination especially for the newlyweds.

3. Milan, Italy

best place for honeymoon in italyMedieval architectural designs, old vintage churches and taverns made out of paintings, newlyweds will surely love the place. When in Italy, take a moonlight walk, savor delectable meals, enjoy the culture, and experience great wine, excellent museums, and arts while you enjoy your newly married life.

Go to Milan and discover the intriguing history and unusual places inside it. Enjoy the dramatic, lovely, and romantic ambiance of the city. Visit the ancient ruins, Milan Cathedral, La Scala opera house and take a shot of the Spanish walls. Don’t forget to watch the sunset with the love of your life. It would be a full, romantic and memorable honeymoon itinerary in Milan.

2. Quintana Roo, Mexico

spend your honeymoon in mexicoMexico offers a fascinating natural environment and scenery, first-class tourist services and delicious cuisines. For honeymooners who are looking for a warm tropical place to stay, consider searching some places in Mexico particularly in Quintana Roo. Romantic and cultural settings could correctly be seen in this bizarre, peculiar location.

Beautiful beaches hedged with an abundant ornate, enormous outdoor activities and a tourism framework is suitable for the assertive newlyweds. There are, as well, golf courses, nature parks, spas, museums, beautiful swimming locations, zip lines, hiking, dolphin encounters, bars and nightclubs which will encourage you to stroll around the place.

1. Phuket, Thailand

honeymoon destination for the coupleThe largest island, Phuket has been one of the most visited romantic places due to its captivating natural beauty. Phuket offers a bunch of soft, white sandy beaches with emerald waters and having the best sunsets in the entire world. It boasts an active nightlife, elegant restaurants in the busy streets of Phuket featuring the delicious Thailand cuisines.

Honeymooners could take on a romantic boat ride in the Phi Phi islands, experience the relaxing Thai Massage, and visit many Buddhist temples. Phuket is the first in the list as the top most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.