Top 10 Most Popular Cities for Travelers

Whether you’re a backpacker or a random tourist, citing cities on where to go for your next trip is a bit challenging. You have all the time to choose your next destination, but suddenly, you will be on the verge of wanting to visit everywhere on your list at the same time. Picking and deciding is trivial. And coming up with your final decision… is as difficult as choosing what to eat, what to wear, what to do and everything that’s what.

The usual place everyone wants to visit is the city that offers a stunning nature, historical landmarks, ancient ruins, modern landscapes and contemporary attractions. Among the typical ones are from the USA, United Kingdom, and most parts of Asia. And most of the time, tourists tend to demand delicious cuisines, extraordinary traditions, and pleasant climate.

For the past few years, many cities were listed to have lured millions of visitors for their tourism industry. And based on the survey made by the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index, the list below shows the Top 10 Most Popular Cities for Travelers along with the number of estimated visitors within a year.

10. Hongkong, Hongkong (8.66 million)

hongkong tourist cityKnown for its skyline and deep natural harbor, Hongkong is one of the most densely populated metropolises in the world. It is also designated as one of the most vertical cities in the world; Hongkong has a limited land which created a dense infrastructure. This has then led them to be the modern architectural center. Although air pollution has become a major problem in the city, the citizens still enjoy the second longest life expectancy in the world.

The country has been a tourist hub that attracts millions of visitors every year. It has grown into a popular tourist destination throughout the years. Try out the city’s delicious dim sum, go up to the Victoria peak and enjoy the city’s skyline, visit the Ngong Ping Village, relax at the Lian Garden, and step into the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Ocean Park. It is also famous as the home of Disneyland in Asia.

9. Seoul, South Korea (10.35 million)

Seoul most famous city for touristsAll over the world, KPop has become a significant influence on everyone even non-Koreans. Its fashion, technology, music and media have vastly affected other people from around the globe. As a result, Seoul has become a must-visit place for KPop fanatics because it is usually the center of the tourism industry.

Even if the city features modernity and technology-advancement, the city still boasts its tradition, culture, temples, palaces and other historical landmarks. The dynamic city is where you can see skyscrapers towering over Buddhist temples. Step in the N Seoul Tower, stop by the tea houses and Insadong shops, stroll around the Gyeongbokgung, and take a picture of the Changdeokgung Palace which was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (11.12 million)

tourist city of singaporeWhat’s comes first into your mind when you hear the city? The Petronas Twin Tower and the KL Tower or just two of the many skyscrapers within the city, that’s what. Kuala Lumpur means “muddy river confluence” in Malay. It is the biggest and capital city of the country.

Kuala Lumpur is the cultural center of Malaysia which features its high-rise towers and modernization. Visit the oldest Hindu Temple in the country, the Sri Mahamariamman. Shop at the Central Market. The Central Market is where people haggle for handicrafts and souvenirs.

7. Singapore, Singapore (11.88 million)

safest city to live in asiaAlso known as the “Lion City,” “the Garden City” and the “Red Dot,” Singapore is an Asian country and the leading global city in the Southeast Asia. It is also the only island city-state in the world. It is designated as the “easiest place to do business” by the World Bank for ten consecutive years and the EIU’s “Technology-ready” nation.

Singapore also received many awards including the top UIA’s International meetings city, BERI’s Best Investment Potential, WEF’s Second Most Competitive Country, third largest foreign exchange center and many more. Head to the three beaches on Sentosa, visit Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam, or the East coast, and stroll along the Bras Basah area. You can also visit the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Botanical Gardens, and the Gardens by the Bay, Bugis and the Marina Bay.

6. New York, USA (12.27 million)

safe city of usaNew York City is a stunning place to visit whether for first timers of tenth-time visitors. Every place offers their unique qualities. And so the city has a lot of great things in the sack. Either you’re a first time visitor or not, New York City will make you come back and visit the city. The Big Apple is among the most visited cities in the world.

There are numerous things to do in the city that never sleeps. Aside from visiting the stunning tourist sites, the city offers various must have things to do in New York City especially for first time visitors. If you’ve been to the Time Square, Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and you want to change your course for you next visit, here are ten fun things you might be interested to try.

5. Istanbul, Turkey (12.56 million)

famous city for tourists in the worldAlso called the Constantinople and Byzantion, Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey which centers the economy, culture and history of the country. Before the cultural display deteriorated, the city was known as the cultural hub but later on passed to Ankara.

There are still Genoese and Roman architecture remains along with their Ottoman correlatives. While Istanbul has been regarded for its Byzantine and Ottoman designs, the buildings demonstrate the previous rulers and empires. Various sceneries including the Hagia Sophia Museum, the remains of the Byzantine Column, the Maiden’s tower, and the  Ortaköy Mosque in front of the Bosphorus Bridge.

4. Dubai, UAE (14.26 million)

famous city for tourism in the worldFrom the megatall skyscraper to the only seven-star hotel, man-made island to underwater hotels and buildings, Dubai is one of the great places to visit on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. It is a booming metropolitan city known for first-class destinations upon your entry. Aside from its world-class attractions, they also boast its absolute accessibility and transportation.

Cabs are not difficult to find in the area and its affordable cost makes it easier to roam around the city. Dubai has since lured millions of visitors every year. Now, for first time visitors, Dubai is a Muslim country which should also be respected in any form or another. Although the climate is often very hot, you should not take it as an excuse to wear clothes that exploits the cultural land and their religion.

3. Paris, France (16.06 million)

spend new years eve in franceKnown as one of the most beautiful cities, Paris is a lively city crowded with heaps of villages. Located on the Seine River, Paris is a cosmopolitan and a major town in the continent. While the tourism elevates each year, new establishments and buildings are appearing.

Walk along the old buildings on the cobblestone streets; visit the Cathedral Church of Notre Dame, Sacré-Cœur, and the Eiffel Tower. Taste the city’s scrumptious cuisines, go to the newly built restaurants, pubs and cafes, and stroll around the playgrounds, parks, and food markets. Enjoy the city like a true Parisian.

2. Bangkok, Thailand (18.24 million)

tourist city of thailandThe capital and most populous town in Thailand, Bangkok is known for its lively street life, cultural landmarks, and it notorious red-light districts. Bangkok is known for its spicy, mouth-watering cuisines and street foods. The food tastes classically delectable once you’ve tried and mix it the core flavors like sour, salty, and sweet.

Visit the golden palaces, floating markets, grandiose porcelain-laid pinnacles, and tour around the capital city. Bangkok also features its stunning tourist attractions like the Pratunam or Siam Square, the European-style gardens of Dusit, the Wat Arun temple of Thon Buri, the Wat Pho temple in Phra Nakhon, and the Grand Palace. Don’t miss the mango sticky rice!

1. London, United Kingdom (18.82 million)

Enjoy in LondonLondon has been the catch basin of visitors and investors from all over the world. Known for its enormous infrastructures like the Crossrail, King’s Cross-St Pancras and the Embassy Quarter and Battersea Power Station projects completing the skyline. London has been the top most visited places for consecutive years except when Bangkok took over for two years.

A city is a great place for newcomers, or you just plan to live there. With its innovative restaurants and top-notch food and cuisines, London has been acknowledged as one of Europe’s most exciting food cities. There are so many things to do in London and numerous places to visit.