10 Most Fascinating Tree Tunnels of the World

Tree tunnels are one of the nature’s beautiful phenomena. Some tree tunnels are natural due to the branches of the tree while some are human-made as they are grown that way with the use of gardening techniques. The trees somehow form a canopy overhead which gives a tunnel effect. Read our full 10 Most Fascinating Tree Tunnels of the World with an origin, facts and pictures.

10. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

arashiyama bamboo grove trees tunnelOne of the most photographed sites in the city of Kyoto is the Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama. Entering the Grove will make you feel like you are in another world mesmerised by the beauty it brings to your senses.

Also, the place is particularly popular during the cherry blossom and fall seasons. It is renowned for its landmark bridge which is used in many tourist promotion photos too. The path is 500 metres long, set between Tenryuji Temple and Nonomiya Shrine.

9. Ginkgo Tree Tunnel

beautiful ginkgo tree tunnelFilled with over 65 thousand Ginkgo Biloba trees from the stunningly beautiful Ginkgo tree tunnel in Japan. The trees which the tunnel is made up of are culturally and historically valuable living organisms to the Japanese people as most of these trees survived the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing during the World War.

After all, these trees are still kicking and standing tall. The place is also a place for the local people to relax take a little time and or a place for them to get along with their loved ones too.

8. Rua Goncalo Street

Rua Goncalo StreetSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

Formed by a hundred Tipuana trees were referred to as the most beautiful street in the world. It has a length of 500 metres, located in Porto, Alegre City, Brazil. Though most of the trees were cut down to provide space for a shopping mall, the residents then forced their Mayor Jose Fogaca to sign a decree making the said street a historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the city. It was like to at least value the effort of the German employers of a brewery who planted those Tipuana trees for the past 70 years which built a beautiful street

7. Oak Alley

Oak Alley Trees Tunnel

The trees creating a distinguishing visual feature is about 800 feet long which is planted in the 18th century lined by a double row of southern live oak trees. The tree avenue is situated at the west bank of Mississippi River. The trees were planted long before the present house was constructed. The place was originally established to manage sugarcane plantation as it was purchased by Valcour Aime in early 1830 that was known as the “King of Sugar”.

As time would touch nothing but everything, the place was bartered for some things that would better fulfil his heart’s vanity and then was passed to another hand as time passed by. Jacques Roman was the one who built the present mansion which was completed in the year 1839. Until then, Jacques Roman’s death caused by tuberculosis at 1848 left a notable slave of him who cultivated those pecan trees which is now marked as a Historical Landmark. The place was then lastly resided by the Stewart family which they managed as a cattle ranch and was left open to the public after the last member of their family Josephine Stewart died.

6. Laburnum Tunnel

Labnurnum Tree tunnelThe much-admired feature lit up by a tunnel of yellow laburnum flowers under-planted with purple alliums for almost 50 years was created by Mrs Rosemary Verey in 1964. Mrs Verey created the tunnel using the trees given to her and her husband David as a silver anniversary present.

Since then it has been a late spring highlight for visitors to Barnsley House, which is now managed as a hotel and has inspired numerous copies all over the world. Recently, the tunnel has been showing its age with some of the ten laburnums splitting, growing into the metal arches that supported them and even dying off. It was inevitable that time came and the only best way to recover it was to remove the entire feature and start over again.

5. Jacarandas Walk

famous Jacarandas Walk tunnelThe jacaranda trees are in full bloom during the month of October. The thousands of Jacaranda were imported to South Africa more than a hundred years ago. This fantastic tree tunnel is located in Johannesburg or Pretoria, the home to the largest human-made forest.

There are more or less 70,000 jacaranda trees scattered in the gardens, streets and parks of Pretoria which turns the city in purple colour during the month of October. The jacaranda was introduced from Brazil to South Africa in 1829. Pretorians love their jacarandas and students from the University of Pretoria believe that when you are studying for your final year exams, and a blossom falls on your head, you will pass your exams with flying colours.

4. Cherry Blossom Street

Cherry Blossom Street Tree TunnelEver spring season, usually during the month of April, the cherry blossom trees in the street of Bonn boom with its gorgeous pink flowers. The ornamental trees of Japan were planted in the street of Bonn in the 1980’s. Bonn used to be the old capital of Western Germany and hence one can conclude without mistake that the place is rich in history. The cherry blossom’s striking attraction lasts for about two to three weeks. The beauty of which can be hardly justified by words.

3. Tunnel of Love

Famous Tree Tunnel of LoveIt is known for being a favourite place for couples to take walks. The so-called Tunnel of Love is a 3-meter long railway located in Kleven, Ukraine. Local people named this romantic place as Klevan. A new tourist legend says that when couples take a walk together in this romantic place while holding each other’s hands and bid their wish will be granted.

2. Wisteria Tunnel

Wisteria Tree TunnelThe wisteria tree tunnel in Japan is found at Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. Kawachi Fuji is a private wisteria garden established in 1977. It opens during wisteria season and when leaves change colours in autumn. From late April and mid-May is the best time to visit the place. Approximately 150 trees comprising 22 types of wisteria in various colours grow in a 10,000 square meter area.

The wisteria does not bloom every year magnificently. Wisteria is a plant that grows all over Japan. This flowering plant has captivated Japanese people for a long time. Also, there are large wisteria trellises at the end of the tunnels. There you can see wisteria trees which are more than 100 years old.

1. Dark Hedges

Dark Hedges Trees TunnelIt was an intended landscape to impress visitors as they approach the entrance to the Stuart family’s Georgian Mansion, Gracehill House. This tree tunnel is located in Northern Ireland. The Stuart family planted the beautiful avenue of beech trees in the eighteenth century. In fact, the iconic trees have been used as a filming location in HBO’s epic series, Game of Thrones, representing the King’s Road.