10 Must Haves to become a good Horse Rider

Horseback riding is a fun activity but it does not mean you don’t have to learn about it. Once you’ve taken the reins and started kicking off for a ride, it may be easy for you if you have tried it. Otherwise, you still have to learn the basics before trying it out. Horseback riding may look like it is easy to command but it takes balance, strong legs and a stable core in order to keep yourself in the saddle.

This activity was seen years ago. It has also become a sport and a way of transportation. Yet, a few people are great with it. In addition, horseback riding is a great outdoor hobby that ensures an amazing quality time together. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, take this ten must haves in order to become a good horse rider. Bear in mind that horseback riding is not merely horseback riding. Learn more about 10 Must Haves to become a good Horse Rider.

10. You must be in good shape

ready to start horse ridingBefore joining a certain activity, it is a usual routine to have yourself checked. Your workplace requires a medical certificate to prove that you are well. And oftentimes, some activities do not require someone to try the activities if they are ill. In general, your health or physical fitness matter the most. Before going on for a ride, drink a lot of water or bring a bottled water to stay hydrated.

Before riding a horse, make sure you have the ability and strength to do such. Make sure you can balance and weigh in yourself as you climb the horse. Although horseback riding is one form of exercise, never neglect your health. Riding boosts heart rate with the mixture of exercise and adrenaline. However, if you are unfit, fatigue has a mass effect on decision-making, balance and reaction.

9. Be prepared to fall off your horse

falling from horseStay aware. Falling off a horse is a usual scene. Remember that even professionals fall off due to fatigue and imbalance. So it is definitely needed for you to prepare to fall. Rise up but it does not mean you must always get back on right after a fall.

According to the sports scientist for the British Equestrian Federation, Jon Pitts, falling off is part of the game. “Most riders will favour a stronger side and put more weight into one stirrup. This is like someone leaning sideways when you give them a piggyback. Being aware of putting even weight through each stirrup can help redress this,” he said.

8. Enter a USEA recognized horse trials at the Beginner Novice level

participate in horse competitionIf you are ready, you can enter a USEA recognized horse trial or any trials in your place starting from the Beginner Novice level. USEA stands for United States Eventing Association Inc. which aims to provide a competitive level according to the member’s skills. They are the ones who assist and educate competitors, event organizers and officials.

Furthermore, it provides strong and consistent training chances to become an elite competitor. Age is not a basis for quality training. Regardless of how old you are or how trained you are, the USEA aims to assist you as you experience the adventure of eventing.

7. Take 1-2 lessons per week and ride 6 days a week
horse riding lessons

It takes some time to be a good horse rider and it takes a lot of time to learn and train. Enrol in a training school and take at least one to two training every week. Also make sure to have a ride six days a week. This will help you in balancing and in boosting your confidence once you have put your feet in the stirrup.

Training might take some time but this will help in a way that you have not expected. Whether you have an experience about horse riding or none, taking a lesson will enable you to have the proper knowledge on your do’s and don’ts as well as the knowledge about horses, the materials used and needed.

6. Allot more time and enjoy the process

enjoy horse ridingHorseback Riding takes a lot of time. And while your time is not up, enjoy the process and don’t let the pressure get into you. It would always be better to stay relaxed and calm. Have more time with your horse and it would be good to observe the attitude of the animal before giving a go.

See to it that you are ready and your horse is at its good state too. You should have knowledge of how horses see the world. Naturally, all horses tend to run whenever they sense danger around them. In this case, you should also know how to approach them and calm them down. The process may take quite much of your time but see to it that you enjoy every bit of it.

5. Have the appropriate apparel for yourself

horse riding dress
Before going in a battle, you must be ready of your suit and gear. That’s one of the top priorities. Going on a horse ride with your full and appropriate apparel on is no different from preparing your weaponries and gears before a battle. And if you want to become a good horse rider, you must have the proper attire.

First, wear long pants. This aims to protect your legs from scraping against the saddle. Second, check out for comfortable closed-toe shoes. The shoes must have a small heel to prevent your feet from sliding out of the stirrups. Third, you must avoid wearing scarves, thin tank top straps, and long, loose sweaters or shirts or any suit that may get snarled in any equipment. Finally, wear the proper helmet. This is to protect the head in case of a hard fall; helmets are provided by most stables.

4. Have a safe horse trailer

safe horse trailerThe first thing on your mind should always be your safety. Look for a well-reputed local stable. The barn should be safe, clean, legal, and in good repair. Don’t just choose an establishment that offers you the smell of a luxurious fragrant perfume. After finding a local stable, you should also consider a safe horse trailer.

A horse trailer, also called a horse van, horse float or horsebox, serves as the main means of transporting a horse. It ranges in size and has various designs. This vehicle is pulled by a truck or a SUV. For your horse’s safety transport, consider investing on the best horse trailer for your horse buddy.

3. Have the appropriate tack

appropriate tackA horse tack consists of the saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, martingales and breastplates. Tacking up is the term used in equipping a horse. A tack room is the cabin where riders store the equipment, commonly near or in a stable. These are just some of the terms used that you need to know.

This equipment plays a vital role in every horse rider’s journey. Before riding your horse, see to it that you have properly and securely put up the equipment. In this process, you may ask your instructor for help especially if you’re a beginner. Keep the saddle from sliding around; make sure that the stirrups are in correct length; the straps on the bridle should be of the proper tightness.

2. Lease a horse from your trainer

lease horse from your trainer After a while of taking some lessons and training, you can have a ride and try applying what you have learned. Allow at least fifteen minutes before the lesson time so you can personally meet your horse buddy. If it’s your first meeting, it would be best if you make it as calm as possible. Always stay towards the front and/or the left side.

Approach your horse confidently and talk to your new buddy in a low, calm voice. Also, avoid abrupt movements or noises that may be a threat to the horse. When leading, stand on the left side of the animal’s head and take hold of the reins on its proper length making sure that you are not hurting the horse and you are not dragging down the reins.

1. Find a certified eventing trainer

horses event managerThe person who teaches the methods of horse riding and horse care is called a riding instructor. Their goal is to provide the quality training and lessons to the aspiring horse riders and improve the intermediate and advanced style and technique of the riders. They also serve as a coach in competitions.

An event trainer helps you train in preparation of a horse event. If you want to try and improve your skills, book a certified event trainer and join a horse event. Your trainer is a professional who can provide the basic and advance knowledge and tips for a successful and wonderful experience. They are available online and within your area.