10 Fun Things to do on a Friday Night

TGIF! Do you know that feeling when you are finally free from school and work as you end the stressful week on a Friday night? Well, the feeling is mutual. Friday is the most awaited day of the week where everyone enjoys the night out and the weekend. When Friday comes, expect everyone is getting all giddy and excited for their weekend rituals and habits.

After a long week full of school loads, paper works, and other stress-causing agents, you deserve a night full of fun, rest, and sleep. Everyone has their way of spending the weekend off. And Friday night has no difference. Whether you just read your favorite book, watch a movie with friends, go on a night out, or sleep the night off, it will still pay off.

You, maybe, are wondering what you could do next Friday or you might be thinking of a fun way to spend it with your family or girlfriend. So whatever your reason is, you might want to consider these ideas of 10 Fun Things to do on a Friday Night.

10. Catch up a movie with friends

Catch up a movie with friendsFrom your most favorite movies to the least ones, the classical to the modern films, you sure don’t want to miss out your favorite actor. Friday night is a great night to go out with friends or girlfriend. You could watch a movie in a cinema or just make your room like a theater as you install your set of speakers, LCD or projectors and pop up some popcorn.

Catch the latest movies, or you could just repeat the ones on your list over and over again. But for the record, it would be better if you would put a twist, right? Think of an unusual thing to do so you could make it not the usual thing you have been doing all this time. I know, Titanic is among the most watched movies, it is still iconic, right? Or why not try series or indie features?

9. Get your game on

Get your game onFriday is usually a family night for most, and to some, it is a game night. Let the game begin! Spread your cardboards and get your game on. What would be the best game to play on a Friday night? You either grab your board games and play indoors or just go out to a bowl and enjoy the night out.

But for me, it is safer just to stay in the comforts of your home. You can try charades, puzzles, scrabble, monopoly, dominoes, Egyptian war, spades or any other board or card games of your choices. Try making a bet or imposing a consequence every time someone loses the game. But make sure it won’t hurt them. Remember that it is just for fun.

8. Light up the night

Light up the nightUsually, stargazing is one of the must-do things on a Friday night. You just lie on your back outside the house or on the rooftop, gaze up and make a wish upon the star. But when the stars are not friendly tonight, you still can go out and light the night up. There’s still fun on a Friday night.

Like, what kind of fun? Gather your closest friends or your family members and light up a bonfire in the backyard. While the fire is still up, you can play a game like truth or dare or just talk the night out. Chill back and relax. It will be a long night. If you want, you can also set up a camping site in your backyard.

7. Go shopping

Go shopping with family and friendsFriday night is also for shopaholics. The week won’t be complete if they have not gone to the mall or they have not treated themselves with their precious collections. In some countries, Friday is a day to visit the mall for it is marked as a “sale day.” Shopaholics are in full hopes that the thing that they have been waiting for is now on sale.

On the other hand, shopping is also a mutual bonding between a mother and a daughter where the mother brought her daughter out after a week of working away from home. This builds a connection with their relationship, and at the same time, it is an easy way of showing her love for her child – treating her out and making her feel that she still has a time for her even how busy she is.

6. Climb the tallest building in town

Climb the tallest building in townThere’s nothing more beautiful than witnessing the whole city light up from afar. Just like you are watching the stars flicker from the dark sky. Climb the tallest structure in town where you can entirely witness this picturesque. And be amazed of your city. This could also be a perfect substitute from stargazing.

Watching the lights shimmer from underneath as you sit up and listen to the sound of the swift winds. It could be relaxing in a way that eases your tension and stress. And when your time is up, treat yourself your favorite dessert or a cup of coffee before heading back home to rest.

5. Cheer on your favorite team

Cheer on your favorite teamWhat is your favorite sport? What is your favorite team? May it be basketball, football, cricket, or you may be cheering on Lakers, Thunders or your favorite team, your school and your country. Friday night is usually a night of cheers and woo-hoos. Book your ticket and watch your team play.

If you are not a fan of watching from the stadium or courts, you can do it at home as you sit on your comfy couch and cheer at the top of your lungs. At least you are having the great night of your life. And just sleep it out once your team faces defeat. What’s the best part of this? You saved a lot of money and disappointments.

4. Enroll in a class

Enroll in a classA perfect way to let your stress out, you could join a class and schedule it on a Friday night. You could go boxing class, cooking class, baking class, music class, DJ class, glass-making class or anything according to your mood. Anything as long as it satisfies you and eases your stress from the whole week of distress.

Once you have booked, make sure to attend and finish the due course. It would be better if you bring a friend with you or make a new friend. Your class must fit your schedule. After this, it would be worth your time and effort.

3. Throw a pizza party

Throw a pizza partyWho doesn’t love pizza, right? From the Hawaiian delights to the cheese and pepperoni pizza, double cheese pizza to your pizza creation, pizza is the most loved and preferred food worldwide. Ask your friends, kids or relatives because all I know is pizza has its way of pleasing a hungry stomach.

Either you create your version of pizza or just order from the nearest branch, you can throw a pizza party at home or in your lawn. Call out your friends, watch some movie, play some games, or discuss subjective matters. The choice is yours to make. But don’t forget to burn the calories after.

2. Have a Friday night out

Have a Friday night outIn times like this, I bet the clubs or bars are full seating. Friday night is the time of the evening where the nerds date their books, the cinephiles watch their movies, and the party-goers paint the town red as they go club and bar hopping. However, not all bars require drinking sessions. There are bars for 18-year old and under which prohibits alcoholic drinks.

Friday night outs do not only mean the typical way of celebrating the night out. You can also enjoy through different means like going out for dinner, go dancing or ball, or just simply go out and have some fun. What kind of fun? Well, it’s up to your definition of fun. But avoid too much alcohol. Spend the night free from harm and any form of accidents.

1. End your day with a therapeutic massage

End your day with a therapeutic massageI know you’ll love this. After a week full of stress points and tensions, your body deserves some pampering. Visit a spa or treat yourself to a therapeutic full body massage. Let’s see if you won’t enjoy it. After the relaxing massage, you can now sleep peacefully and stress-free.

If you feel sore, tired and stressed out, your body needs a massage to improve performance, aid recovery, prevent and alleviate injuries, reduce stress and enhances metabolism and circulation. So this one’s what you need and what your body needs. Do it on a Friday night or the rest of the weekend.

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