10 Fun Things to do in Dubai

From the mega-tall skyscraper to the only seven-star hotel, the human-made island to underwater hotels and buildings, Dubai is one of the great places to visit on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. It is a booming metropolitan city known for first-class destinations upon your entry. Aside from its world-class attractions, they also boast its full accessibility and transportation.

Cabs are not difficult to find in the area, and its affordable cost makes it easier to roam around the city. Dubai has since lured millions of visitors every year. Now, for first-time visitors, Dubai is a Muslim country which should also be respected in any form or another. Although the climate is often hot, you should not take it as an excuse to wear clothes that exploit the cultural land and their religion.

Alcohol has also been legal inside specific places like hotels and restaurants but doesn’t just let yourself roll on the streets in a stupor. Staying in a crimeless environment with high levels of service is an opportunity to be enjoyed. And if you have at least a day remain in the city, consider these 10 Fun Things to do in Dubai.

10. Interact with the dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium

Interact with the dolphins at the Dubai DolphinariumThe first ever fully air-conditioned indoor Dolphinarium in the Middle East, the Dubai Dolphinarium has been a home of dolphins and seals which open to the public for lives shows and photo sessions. It is situated near the Children’s City in the creek side park at Bur Dubai. Established in 2008, the dolphinarium goals to provide entertainment and proper education about dolphins, seals and other aquatic species to the audiences.

The organizers also believed that thru this, the younger generations would realize the need to look after marine life and the environment. It can allow up to 1,250 people with its 5,000 square meters modern marine facility. And although these aquatic organisms are known to be living under the sea, the Dolphinarium provides their private habitat area with 600 cubic meters of salt-water linked to the main arena pool. Bring along your kids, and they’ll surely love it.

9. Haggle at the Gold Souk

Haggle at the Gold SoukA traditional market in Dubai, the Gold Souk is a commercial trade industry that is almost surrounded with jewelry. Now, if you plan to buy gold as a gift for someone or yourself, you have the perfect place to do so. Walk around the Souk, and you will be dazzled with the arrays of gold displayed on the windows. Brace yourself as you will be left alone to peruse a tray-full of solid gold jewelry. Enjoy the benefits of a crime-free city.

However, you have to bring out your skills of haggling and bartering for a lower price of gold as they find this appropriate. You might also end up walking home with the merchandise you bought half the original price. They also offer platinum, diamonds, and silver. Although the government is strict in assessing the quality of all the products, stay clear of the people attempting to sell fake watches and handbags.

8. Relax at any Dubai Beach

Relax at any Dubai BeachWhen the humidity altitudes are at their lowest, you might want to relax at the beach when you’re in the city. Seawater surrounds Dubai, and if you’re not staying at the Jumeirah Beach belt, you have other beach options to visit. However, some of the beaches are possessed by the hotels of the city while some are open to the public to the Al Mamzar beach. Privately owned beaches may cost you 150 Dirhams ($137) up to 700 DHS ($191).

Here’s a tip before going into the waters. Swimming in a bikini, thongs, underwear or nude swimming is highly prohibited. You must wear the full swimsuit when you are on the public beaches and avoid walking to and from the beach with your swimsuits on. Be aware of any warning signs in the area too. You can book your stay at the Jumeirah Beach Park; watch kite surfers and skateboarders at the Kite Beach, and try the Russian Beach where Europeans mostly hang out.

7. Stroll around the Dubai Mall

Stroll around the Dubai MallKnown as the largest shopping mall in the world based on total area, the Dubai Mall is a popular shopping and eating sites. It has a cinema, indoor theme park called Sega Word, children’s theme park called Kidzania, a giant aquarium, and an underwater zoo, and a full-sized ice rink. Roaming around might cause aching, tired feet so make sure to wear your most comfy shoes.

However, if you have been to New York or Paris, shopping in Dubai might be less entertaining. The only difference is the struggle and excitement of searching for the particular store. The Dubai Mall consists of about 1,200 stores within a size of 50-football fields combined. You can dine at excellent restaurants and cafes, watch at the cinema, stay at a 250-room luxury hotel, and a car park with valet service is available.

6. Ski at the Mall of Emirates

Ski at the Mall of EmiratesBe it known that Dubai does not snow and you might be wondering why skiing is another to-do list in the city. Well, skiing in the desert is rather bragged, and it promises a genuinely distinctive experience. The store provides rentable ski gears and many lockers. Now, bring your kids to the snow park and let them glide down the inclines with inflated inner tubes.

Ski Dubai is a large ski slope located in the Mall of the Emirates at the Marina end of the City close to the Burj Al Arab. But before you enter, you might be surprised at the sudden change of temperature from the 50-degree desert heat to below zero temperature. You can ask an instructor to help you especially if you’re a first timer or you could just go on your own.

5. Meet the camels at the Desert Safari

Meet the camels at the Desert SafariVisiting the desert is not that peaceful as it seems, but it is a thrilling experience. Now, before you can visit the place, several companies offer desert safaris and lets you book your tour. You can ask them to drop you at a particular area or what plan you are booking. There are also extra services which need extra pay, and you can order the food provided on the menu. Visit the place as you ride on a four-wheel-drive safari.

The vehicle will drive you to a good style campground where you try Shisha or pander in some barbecue food. Go straight on a desert drive, watch falcons soar, and dream of camel adventures. At dusk, you will be brought back to the camp where you can stargaze and enjoy the magical evening. You can also go hot air ballooning in the desert at dawn.

4. Hang out at the Walk

Hang out at the WalkOften called as JBR by the locals, the Jumeirah Beach Walk is the biggest single-phase local building in the world which comprises of 36 towers bordering along the shoreline on the Dubai Marina. One side is widely fringed on with shops, cafes, and restaurants while the another side is lined on by a single-lane road. Enjoy your meal as you sight-see several luxury cars like a gold-plated Porsche Cayenne or a two-tone Ferrari.

At daytime, numerous people jog around the Marina and savor the beauty of the place which equally becomes visibly beautiful as it was in the evening. You can take the Dubai ferry at the back of the Address Hotel which enables you to see a glimpse of the renowned Atlantis Hotel on the human-made Palm Jumeirah as you go into the sea. The ferry is bound to the Creek at Bur Dubai where you can see what they call the ‘old’ Dubai just after you tour around the ‘new’.

3. Stop in Burj Al Arab

Stop in Burj Al ArabThe world’s third tallest hotel, the Burj Al Arab is also the world’s only seven-star hotel since it opened in 1999. Although the city has numerous innovative hotels lining along the metropolis, the Burj Al Arab still has its way of attracting visitors, and the locals recommend it. It does boast not only its stunning architectural design but also its mouth-watering cuisines and innovative restaurant, especially for new visitors.

From the aquarium that verges the elevator to the submerged seafood restaurant or the striking glass elevator, visitors can stop for a high tea or cocktails. However, booking at least one week before your visit is required. Enjoy the oceanic view from the building, or you could just stop by the Skyview Bar. But exploring without a reservation in one of the restaurants or bars is not allowed. Instead, you can just join the tourists that are taking pictures outside the building.

2. Watch the Dubai Fountains

Watch the Dubai FountainsThe world’s largest choreographed fountain system, the Dubai Fountain is situated in the middle of the Downtown Dubai. It is often compared to the Belaggio fountains of Las Vegas; however, the Dubai Fountain is a much taller, bigger and louder. Watch and be awed as the waters dance in the air following the beats of the music. You can also see the top view from the observation deck of the tallest structure in the world, Burj Khalifa, as it lies at the base of it. Or from the Dubai mall.

The Dubai Fountain operates every Saturday to Thursday around 1 PM and 1:30 PM; Friday around 1:30 PM to 2 PM and 6 PM to 11 PM; or around 6 PM to 11 PM every evening. But it will be best to watch the fountain at night for the light show too. The musical collection of the fountain exhibition includes Sama Dubai, Baba Yetu, Shik Shak Shok, Con te partiro or simply Time to Say Goodbye. There are also excellent restaurants around the place where you can eat and relax.

1. View the city from the Burj Khalifa

View the city from the Burj KhalifaDubai is also known for its mega tall skyscraper which holds the record for the world’s tallest artificial structure with the height of 2,722 feet (829.8 meters): the Burj Khalifa. It was named after the Abu Dhabi ruler and the United Arab Emirates president, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who lent money to Dubai to pay its debts. So when you’re in the city, have some time to view the entire city as you experience stepping in the tallest building in the world.

The observation deck is located on the 134th floor but book your visit in advance, so you don’t have to miss out tickets for your access. You can also check the history of the building which is exhibited and experience the fastest elevator in the world which will take you about a few seconds. Now, for the best view of the city, you can go before the sun sets as you can witness Dubai at day and night.

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