10 Fun Things to do in Chicago

From skyscrapers to beautiful landmark sites, great music to delicious foods, Chicago has a lot to offer. While the saying goes, “it is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them”, Chicago has its economy increasing every year. The third most populated city, Chicago boasts off its historical architectures and designs, mouth-watering cuisines, and the stunning scenery of Lake Michigan.

Today, the city maintains its diversity while it is consistently elevated with its economy and tourism. For the first time Windy City guests, Chicago’s skyscrapers, and public art will surely make them enjoy their vacation for at least a day or two. Plan a Chicago Architecture Tour, or spend a few hours in Millennium Park.

Take some time and enjoy the city and don’t forget to accomplish these 10 Fun Things to do in Chicago.

10. Watch Chicago Air and Water Show

Watch Chicago Air and Water ShowSince 1959, Chicago has lured many visitors with its second most famous festival which happens every year. Annually, about two million visitors flock on the shore of Lake Michigan in hopes to witness the shows respectively. It is a free event that features its kind of originality and uniqueness

The Air Show features daredevil pilots, parachute teams, and jet flying in formation. There are also components of jet skiing and boat-jumping. Civilian and military pilots alike, the flying team is sponsored by large companies and the US armed forces also have their set of contributions. You can watch from the shore for the air show and stay at the grandstand seats at North Avenue Beach for the water show.

9. Stroll through the Grant Park

Stroll through the Grant ParkOriginally known as Lake Park, the Grant Park is situated in the central business district of Chicago. It comprises of the Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum Campus. The Grant Park also features performance venues, gardens, artwork, sporting, and harbor facilities. Often called the “Chicago’s front yard,” it hosts several public gatherings and huge yearly events.

8. Ride a boat on Lake Michigan

Ride a boat on Lake MichiganLake Michigan is among North America’s five Great Lakes, and it is the only one located in the country. If you’re tired of roaming around the city, you can take a tour on the lake via a boat. Go on a river architectural tour, ride a vessel from the Navy pier, take a shot of the lighthouse and step in the museum campus after your tour.

The boat offers other fun things to do where you can drink hot chocolate, discover more about the city, and you can order some food. Before going in, you need to buy tickets and make sure to be there about 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time. Beers, wines, cocktails, and other beverages are being served on the boat for adults.

7. Go on food hunting

Go on food huntingEvery time you visit a place, you must always try their cuisine and delicacies. Suffice you palates and cravings as you succumb into the aroma of food being served in the city. While Chicago is known to be a city of good food, you must check out the food the city offers.

The city has innovative restaurants, fine dining, cafes, and bars where you can spend your time trying out the best food in town. Dine at Publican, try out the juicy Italian beef sandwich at Portillo’s, eat at the Green Street Smoked Meats, savor some mouth-watering custards at Scooter’s Frozen Custard, and eat the Chicago-style hotdog.

6. Come close to a butterfly in the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven

Come close to a butterfly in the Judy Istock Butterfly HavenButterflies are beautiful creatures that you often see from a flowery garden. Now, take the chance to get up close to a butterfly from the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven. It is a sanctuary with about 40 species of extinct high-flying butterflies and numerous bird species from the Southern hemisphere.

The greenhouse measures about 2,700 square foot with calm pools of water, beautiful flowers, tropical trees, and over 1,000 butterflies. It is situated in the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Bring along your kids, friends or spouse for a tour.

5. Enjoy a live performance in Chicago Shakespeare Theater

live performance in Chicago Shakespeare TheaterLocated at Navy Pier, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater hosts various live performances yearly which include the Shakespeare series. Other shows are being played like youth and family oriented programming and world-class touring productions.

The box office, administrative office, and performance venues are also located in the vicinity of the place. If you’re a Shakespeare fan, you should not miss the chance as you could surely enjoy. Just one of the featured shows is the Romeo and Juliet Musical: The People Vs. Friar Laurence, the Man, who Killed Romeo and Juliet.

4. Stay up at the Skydeck

Stay up at the SkydeckCommonly referred as the Sear Tower, the Willis Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Now, this has been one of the most go-to places of tourists in the city as you can see the entire city from its sky deck with its glass window and glass boxes where you can see through it. People go to what they call the “Ledge” where it is the perfect place to sight-see and take some pictures of the city. Step in a glass box and experience a thrill from the 108-story building.

3. Bike along the Chicago Lakefront Trail

Bike along the Chicago Lakefront TrailThe Chicago Lakefront Trail is ideal for joggers and bikers. It has a lane for them along the coastline of the Lake Michigan that serves as a route for commuters. The trail extends from Lincoln Park, Grant Park, Burnham Park and Jackson Park.

If you’re wondering if biking is allowed, well, you can also see people biking in the area as it is one of the bikers’ routes. You can also see the South Shore Cultural Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, McCormick Place, Soldier Field, Chicago’s Museum Campus, Monroe Harbor, Navy Pier, Belmont Harbor and the Waveland Clock Tower.

2. Attend a Lollapalooza aftershow

Attend a Lollapalooza aftershowAn annual music festival, the Lollapalooza features different music genre including alternative rock, heavy metal, punk, hip-hop and EDM bands, and artists, dance and comedy performances. There are also craft booths within the area. Every year, Chicago celebrates the music festival in the Grant Park where millions of people flock in to witness the annual celebration.

The Lollapalooza aftershow is also one of the most anticipated events in the city. Different activities, booths, shows and performances last long within three days. A schedule of events is posted on a website and tickets are also available online.

1. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

Visit the Art Institute of ChicagoJust as what others usually say, “Don’t leave a place without visiting its modern and historical landmarks.” Or just, don’t exit the city without getting the best thing for your visit and without discovering the history of the city. And to the top, your Chicago trip, don’t forget to visit the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago is the home of Impressionist and Post-impressionist art collections which includes the American art, Old Masters, European and American decorative arts, Asian art, Islamic art, Ancient Classical and Egyptian art, modern and contemporary art, and architecture, industrial and graphical art.

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