Cyber Monday Spending Statistics, Trends, and Fun Facts (US & UK)

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10 January, 2021 • Updated 13 days ago
Cyber Monday Spending Statistics, Trends, and Fun Facts (US & UK)

Rounding out one of the largest shopping weekend during the year, Cyber Monday is held every year on the monday following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cyber Monday is the online sales equivalent of Black Friday with numerous companies offering early deals or random special prices throughout the day. You are bound to find at least a handful of sale items at any major retailer’s online store.

Will Cyber Monday Become One Of The Biggest Shopping Days

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been going head to head for the past few years despite the early openings on Thanksgiving.

While the two shopping days are the biggest and most lucrative days for retail throughout the year, Cyber Monday is poised to take the lead with an increase in sales every year as more and more buyers enjoy shopping from the comfort of their home or office. 

With Cyber Monday hitting a record of $6.6 billion in the United States breaking sales records and a healthy £720 million in the U.K., Cyber Monday has solidified itself at the top of the biggest shopping days.

What Are Buyers Purchasing The Most On Cyber Monday?

While many of Cyber Monday buyers purchase items similar to what they would shop for on Black Friday some of the highest categories of purchases are electronics like 4k monitors and best home theater projectors, toys, video games, clothing and accessories like wireless keyboards, best home appliances, and blogging cameras and photography equipment. Top sellers this year in each category were:


  • Chromcasts
  • Roku
  • Apple Ipads
  • PlayStation Virtual Reality Bundler
  • Echo Dots
Kid using Virtual Reality
VR bundles have become quite popular among younger audiences.

Cameras and Photography

  • FujiFilm Instax
  • GoPro
  • Polaroids
  • Dome Pan Camera
  • Film
Kid with Instax camera
Instant cameras have become once again one of the teens and kids favorites.

Video Games

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Nintendo Switch
  • XBox One Console
  • Xbox wireless controllers
  • Playstation Gift Cards
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Wolfenstein II
  • Just Dance
Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is the most popular porable video games system.


  • Wonder
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • The Pout-Pout Fish
  • Milk and Vine
  • Origin: A Novel
  • Milk and Honey
  • Obama: An Intimate Portrait
  • First 100 Words
  • Grant
Harry Potter book
Harry Potter is a book saga who collected millions of fans through the years.

Clothing, Jewelry and Accesories

  • Wrangler Jeans
  • Tommy Hilfiger Down Jacket
  • Carhartt’s Acrylic Watch Hat
  • Adidas Neon Women’s Cloud Foam Advantage Shoes
  • Samsonite Invoke 2-piece set
  • Columbia Mens Puffer Coat
Thanks to its comfort, jeans have prevailed as a must on every person’s wardoble.


  • PJ Mask Talking Figure Sets
  • Hatchimals
  • Star Wars Figures
  • Mini Cooper Ride on
  • Cards Against Humanities
  • Elf on a Shelf
  • Jenga
  • Melissa and Doug
  • Paw Patrol-Sea Patrol
  • Play-Doh
  • Lego Classic Blocks
  • Nerf N-Strike Strongarm Blaster
Kid playing with Legos
Lego Classic Blocks is a classic toy that’s still popular among kids these days.

Who Is Most Likely To Purchase On Cyber Monday?

Demographics of those who shop on Cyber Monday is similar to the demographics of those who perform their shopping on Black Friday. The largest portion of shoppers falls into the 25 to 35-year-old range closely tied with those who are 65 and older.

  • 18 to 24-year-olds accounted for over 18% of all shoppers.
  • The 25 to 34-year-old range made up a similar portion at over 18% of shoppers.
  • The first drop in percentage was at the age range of 35 to 44-years-olds where 15% participated in shopping.
  • 45 to 54-year-olds made up 14% of shoppers.
  • The 55 to 64-year-old range saw the same amount at 14%.
  • The largest percentage of shoppers was the 65 and up category which saw almost 20% of that age range participating in Cyber Monday.

When it comes to gender and ethnicity males were the highest participants and Asians topped the ethnicity category.

  • 56% of all shoppers participating in Cyber Monday were males.
  • 44% of females participated in Cyber Monday sales.
  • Caucasians made up 18% of all shoppers.
  • African American shoppers made up about 20% of those participating.
  • Hispanic shoppers had a similar percentage of 20%.
  • The highest percentage was Asian shoppers who came in at 42% participating in shopping during the Cyber Monday holiday.

On What Devides Were Buyers Doing Their Shopping

Buyers for Cyber Monday this year definitely went mobile with mobile sales reaching higher than 17% of all online sales which is up over 55% from last year.

Tablet on a table
Users prefers Tablets over Smartphones when it comes to online shopping.
  • 10.1% of all sales were made on a tablet.
  • 6.3% of all sales were made on smartphones.
  • Tablet users also spent more with an average of over $131 per order.
  • Smartphone uses still spent a high average of over $114 per order.

Facts That You Might Not Know About Cyber Monday

With the Cyber Monday shopping holiday taking over as the biggest spending holiday of the season you may be interested to find out some little-known facts about the online shopping holiday.

  • The term Cyber Monday was first used by Ellen Davis during the 2005 holiday season.
  • Referral traffic from social media goes up 240% on Cyber Monday.
  • Cyber Monday is now the busiest shopping day in the U.S. and U.K.
  • Sales will peak at 11:25 am on Cyber Monday.
  • During Cyber Monday’s peak time Amazon will sell an estimated 320 products per second.
  • The most retail traffic comes from people while they are at work.
  • 90% of shoppers cite lowest prices as the deciding factors in their Cyber Monday purchases.
  • Coastal cities saw the highest influx of Cyber Monday shoppers.
  • 29.6 million people will use their devices to buy or check out deals on Cyber Monday.
  • 1 in 2 consumers shop on Cyber Monday.
  • 95% of consumers who are employed admit they will be shopping Cyber Monday at work.
  • Consumers spent over $840 million on Cyber Monday before 10 am.


With Cyber Monday sales records topping the charts this holiday season many people may wonder whether the attraction to Cyber Monday is due to the deals, the convenience of getting the best deals online from the comfort of your home, or the fact that it is the last day in the major holiday shopping weekend.

While the high percentage of young shoppers is no surprise due to their internet savvy, many people may be a little shocked to see the large numbers of seniors taking advantage of the convenience of shopping from home as they are now accounting for the highest percentage of shoppers participating in the major shopping holiday.

With 60% of people surveyed in 16 countries claiming that they are moving to shopping online, it is expected that Cyber Monday will continue to grow to record breaking levels each year.

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