Top 10 Cities with the Most Skyscrapers in the World

One of the most visible signs of a country’s economic developments, skyscrapers has been a basis whether a nation is progressing. From the Empire State Building of New York to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Petronas Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower of Malaysia to the International Commerce Center of Hongkong are some of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. Most cities are now undoubtedly recognized by their skylines with the high-rising buildings.

Skyscrapers are clearly tower-rising buildings within a city. Although there are no precise definitions of a skyscraper, the CTBUH and Emporis define it as a building that “reaches or exceeds the height of 150 meters.” Hence, it has a distinction from a simple high-rise. Currently, they rise above 150 meters and the tallest skyscraper ever recorded so far measures 800 meters high.

In this list, the cities with the most skyscrapers were based not only on the numbers of buildings but also completing the cut off of skyscrapers with at least 150 meters in height based on the definition of the major organizations like the TBUH and Emporis. Take a look at this!

10. Singapore, Singapore (No. of Skyscrapers: 74)

Singapore SkyscrapersAlso known as the “Lion City,” “the Garden City” and the “Red Dot,” Singapore is an Asian country and the leading global city in the Southeast Asia. It is also the only island city-state in the world. Designated as the “easiest place to do business” by the World Bank for ten consecutive years, the EIU’s “Technology-ready” nation, it also received many awards including the top UIA’s International meetings city, BERI’s Best Investment Potential, WEF’s Second Most Competitive Country, third largest foreign exchange center and many more.

Ranking 13th with the most buildings taller than 100 meters with 238 buildings, Singapore has over 4,300 completed high-rises and 74 skyscrapers above 150 meters height including the United Overseas Bank Plaza One, Republic Plaza, and Overseas Union Bank Center. These three towers were ranked as the 128th tallest building in the world for each 280 meters (919ft) tall. Although the central business district of the city has a height restriction of 280 meters due to its proximity of Paya Lebar Airbase, the Tanjong Pagar Center at Tanjong Pagar is about 290 meters height.

9. Jakarta, Indonesia (No. of Skyscrapers: 88)

Jakarta SkyscrapersOfficially known as the Special Region of Jakarta, Jakarta is an alpha global city in the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC) research in 2012. The city has rapidly leaped to the 17th place among the world’s 200 largest cities according to the survey by the Brooking Institute. It currently serves as the home of the ASEAN Secretariat and major financial institutions like the Bank of Indonesia, and the Indonesia Stock Exchange and other multinational companies.

With about 800 high-rise and 88 skyscrapers, Jakarta has established its first more than 100 meters building, the Wilma Nusantara, in 1964. About five 300-meter building is still under construction. In 1996, the city constructed its first 262-meter building known as the Wisma 46. Some skyscrapers are still under construction.

8. Guangzhou, China (No. of Skyscrapers: 98)

Guangzhou SkyscrapersOne of the National Central Cities, Guangzhou is the largest and capital city of Guangdong province. In the entire Chinese city, Guangzhou is the third largest city and the largest town in South Central China. The city is also known as Canton and is one of the most populous metropolitan agglomerations on Earth which was also called as the Beta+ world city.

Standing 440 meters (1,440 ft) tall, Guangzhou holds its tallest building in the city, the Guangzhou International Finance Center. It is the fourth tallest building in the country and the eighth tallest skyscraper in the world. The Canton Tower with 601 meters height is also situated in the city and listed as the tallest structure in Guangzhou.

7. Chongqing, China (No. of Skyscrapers: 103)

Chongqing SkyscrapersAmong the four directly controlled municipalities of China, Chongqing was established in March 1997 and became the largest direct-controlled municipality in the country. In July 2012, the EIU labeled the city as one of China’s 13 Emerging Megacities. It has a significant historical and cultural contribution to the economy of the country, and it served as the economic center of the upstream Yangtze basin.

Rising at 339 meters (1112 feet), the Chongqing World Financial Center is currently the tallest building in the city. It has about 26 buildings taller than 200 meters and skyscrapers continue to rise as the economy consistently booms. Other towers include the Yingli Tower, Chongqing Poly Tower, United International Mansion and many more.

6. Tokyo, Japan (No. of Skyscrapers: 116)

Tokyo SkyscrapersTokyo is the center for Japan’s transportation, publishing, electronics and broadcasting industries. Although the country experienced natural calamities which left massive damages, the country was able to rebuild and outgrew into the most developed cities in the world. Tokyo is ahead with the electronics, telecommunications and publishing industries. Tokyo has been ranked as the wealthiest cities in the world by GDP and the world’s largest metropolitan economy. Due to its booming economy, this town hugely contributes to the world’s economy.

With about 45 buildings taller than 185 meters (607 ft.), Tokyo holds a 634-meter (2,080 ft.) lattice tower known as the Tokyo Skytree which is designated as the tallest structure in the country, the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest freestanding structure in the world. The 54-story Midtown Tower is also located in the city with about 248 meters (814 ft.) height. The skyscrapers comprise of 125 more than 150 meters skyscraper, and others measure up to 250 meters.

5. Chicago, USA (No. of Skyscrapers: 119)

Chicago SkyscrapersHome of the famous NBA team, Chicago Bulls, Chicago is a developed country with high-rising companies and industries which are a transportation and distribution center. In 2012, the city ranked as the 21st largest economy in the world. Since 1833, the city consistently develops throughout the years.

With about 1,264 high-rises, Chicago is the seat of the Willis Tower which is an 110-storey building and measures 442 meters (1,451 ft.). In 1998, the Willis Tower formerly called the Sear Tower was the tallest tower in the world and the tallest building in the USA until 2013. The Trump International Hotel and Tower, the Aon Center, and the John Hancock are located in the city. 119 of the buildings stand 150 meters, and the other skyscrapers are above 150m to 400m.

4. Shanghai, China (No. of Skyscrapers: 131)

Shanghai SkyscrapersWith its area of 6,340.5 square kilometers, Shanghai is the largest city proper by population in the world with 23,019,148 inhabitants. In the 1990s, the city’s economic reforms redeveloped the city making a huge return of finance and foreign investment. Shanghai, as described by most, is the “showpiece” of the booming economy of the mainland China.

The skyscrapers stand tall with its height measurement of about 150 meters to 600 meters. Shanghai is one of the world’s fastest growing cities based on the construction of skyscrapers. It has about 20,000 buildings as of 2011 and 131 completed skyscrapers above 150 meters to 600 meters tall. Shanghai Tower is the tallest building standing 632 meters (2,073 ft.) followed by the Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower and more.

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (No. of Skyscrapers: 155)

Dubai SkyscrapersKnown for its mega tall building, Dubai holds the record for the world’s tallest artificial structure with the height of 2,722 feet (829.8 meters): the Burj Khalifa. It was named after the Abu Dhabi ruler and the United Arab Emirates president, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who lent money to Dubai to pay its debts.

About 911 high-rise are located in the city, and 88 of them stands 180 meters (591 ft.). The Princess Tower that stands 414 meters (1,358 ft.) is the second tallest building followed by the 23 Marina, Elite Residence, Almas Tower, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower 1 and many more.

2. New York City, USA (No. of Skyscrapers: 247)

New York City SkyscrapersAlso known as The Big Apple and the ‘City that Never Sleeps,’ New York ranked second wealthiest cities in the world by GDP. New York highly concentrates in its advanced service sectors including law, accountancy, banking, and management consultancy. It is the highest global center for the advertising industry.

About 6,125 completed high-rises are located in the place and 101 of those stands above 183 meters (600 feet). It is the seat of the tallest skyscraper in the United States that rises 541 meters (1,776 ft.). It is also the fourth-tallest building in the world. 432 Park Avenue is the second tallest building in the city followed by the Empire State Building, the Bank of America Tower, Chrysler Building, the New York Times Building and many more.

1. Hongkong, Hongkong (No. of Skyscrapers: 311)

Hongkong SkyscrapersKnown for its skyline and deep natural harbor, Hongkong is one of the most densely populated metropolises in the world. It is also designated as one of the most vertical cities in the world; Hongkong has a limited land which created a solid infrastructure. This has then led them to be the modern architectural center. Although air pollution has become a major problem in the city, the citizens still enjoy the second longest life expectancy in the world.

About 7,818 high-rises are located in the city and at least 1,285 of which rises taller than 100 meters (328 ft.). Standing for about 484 meters, the 118-storey International Commerce Center is the ninth tallest building in the world. Hongkong is also known for its outstanding skyline which is one of the best skylines in the world with the bordering mountains and Victoria Harbour perfecting the skyscrapers.