Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in UK

Commonly known as the United Kingdom or Britain, UK is composed of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and of course, England. With its temperate climate and medieval architecture and stunning sites, United Kingdom is one of the most favorite European tourist vacations.

From the primitive castles to the impressive mansions, stunning mountains to beautiful countryside, historic cities to heritage museums, there are various destinations to visit in the amazing land of Britain. While the sovereign European state boasts of its beautiful cities, the economy and tourism are consistently developing throughout the years.

So, if in doubt of visiting the country, think again. Check this list of the top 10 best cities to visit in the UK.  In case your trip takes you to Britain, be sure to put these cities on your itinerary.

10. Belfast, Northern Ireland

city to spend your holidays in the ukThe largest and capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast has an estimate of 300,000 populations.  The city holds their motto of “Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus” the Latin for “what shall we give in return for so much.” Belfast has become an international destination and one of the favorite holiday sites.

While transportation is accessible in the area, tourist will not have a hard time touring around the city. There are a plenty of buses, taxis, boats and pedestrian crossings. Visit the Ulster Folk Museum, the Belfast Cathedral, Belfast Zoo and enjoy the innovative restaurants, clubs, galleries, bars and theaters.

9. Liverpool, Merseyside

Famous tourist place in the ukThe home of the famous band “The Beatles,” Liverpool boasts off great heritage sites, activities and foods aside from the amazing sound. In the maritime history of Britain, the Albert Docks area played a vital role which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Experience the hysteria at The Beatles Story Experience, step on the childhood home of Paul, and explore the Liverpool Cathedral and the Walker Art Gallery. Liverpool also showcases their famous Cavern Club and the history marked in the International Slavery Museum and the Tate Gallery.

8. Bath, Somerset

City to visit in the UkKnown for its Roman Baths, Bath is a valley in the River Avon. In 1987, the city was recognized as a World Heritage Site. What more could the city offer? There are various beautiful places to stay for the night and great restaurants to dine.

Learn about the history as you tour around the city. Explore the Bath Abbey, visit The Jane Austen Center, and be amazed at the Roman Baths and Pump Room. Royal Crescent is also a beautiful site which was the first house built in the city but now serves as a museum.

7. Oxford, Oxfordshire

Famous destination in the ukKnown as the center of learning, Oxford is also the home of Inspectors Morse and Lewis. With it medieval designs, there is an ambiance of its modernity. Usually, people think of a dictionary when they hear the word ‘Oxford.’ Well, it is where the Oxford dictionary’s source.

The Oxford University is the oldest university in the entire England. One more historical site located in the place is The Ashmolean. Experience a vibrant shopping in the covered market, search for the almost hidden pubs, explore a spooky castle, and stay in a hotel that once was a jail. Also remember to follow the trails in the Harry Potter shooting locations.

6. Glasgow, Scotland

best city to visit in scotlandThe third largest city in the UK, Glasgow is located in Scotland which was known as the European Capital Culture in 1995. A home for contemporary art, jazz, clubs, trendy and gusty fashion and design, and comedy, Glasgow is also the gateway to the Western Highlands.

Glasgow showcases their busy town with impressive 19th-century buildings, active theater life, and amazing music scenes. Check the Kelvingrove Art Museum and the Victorian Necropolis. Don’t leave the city without tasting their cuisines and their delicious local ‘deep-fried pizza’ delicacy.

5. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

popular city to spend your holidaysCambridge is the traditional rival of Oxford when it comes to which city has the oldest university. According to tradition, Cambridge is the second oldest university in Britain founded in 1209. However, the city is a bit smaller and less urban compared to Oxford. Nevertheless, it is a vibrant city with great museums and galleries, theaters, prospering restaurants, and pubs.

Take a picture of the world-class masterpieces of Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean architecture and tour around King’s College Chapel. When visiting the city, try taking a punt. It is a traditional flat boat sailing along the Cam and Grandchester rivers with poles.

4. York, North Yorkshire

York is popular destination in the UKHolding a history from 1900, York is a medieval city built by the Romans in 71 AD. Although it is a historical site, the economy and tourism have continuously been increasing.

From the charming scenery of the Riverside, the city is surrounded by ancient walls. Who would not love to see this beautiful picturesque? Make sure to visit the York Castle Museum and Gardens before you leave the city.

3. Manchester, Greater Manchester

Visit Manchester to spend your holidaysIn the 18th century, Manchester was the cotton making capital of the world. The North Western city has also become one of the breeding grounds of the industrial revolution. However, it is now known as the first modern city.

As the city developed, various establishments and industries have evolved. The city boasts off their museums, galleries, libraries and theaters. Stroll along the Bridgewater Hall, visit Urbis and discover the war histories in the Imperial War Museum. Enjoy the city’s indie and pop music and take off to the Lake District.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland popular for holidaysThe second on the list of the top best cities to visit in the UK goes to Edinburgh. From to chilly hills to the historical sites of the city, Edinburgh is a great place to spend your vacation. The world’s biggest performing arts festival goes to this city which is also a home for the annual ‘Hogmanay’ New Year’s celebration.

The city is rich in festivals such as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh International Festival. Tour around the Edinburgh Castle, St. Giles Cathedral, Real Mary King’s Close, and the Museum of Scotland. Aside from the four-day long Hogmanay, Edinburgh Fringe is also the biggest great event.

1. London, England

London, England to visit in holidaysOn the first spot of the top 10 best cities to visit in the UK, London is one of the most favorite cities in Europe. While planning a European getaway, consider visiting this town.  Crowned with various attraction sites, tourist crowds the place for either a permanent residence or a holiday visit.

London is the home of the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, Big Ben, The British Museum, and Westminster Abbey. The city boasts off their historic sites, trendy fashion, mouth-watering foods, and nice British ale. Take a snap of the Tate Modern, Royal Opera House, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Before checking out of the city, visit the crown jewels, Buckingham Palace and the Camden Market.