Top 10 Best Cities to Live in the World

Recently, the Economist Intelligence Unit released the list of surveys among the best liveable cities for this year. These “best liveable cities” refers to the places which offer the best quality of life. Now, how do they do these surveys and what are their bases?

When we say “quality of life,” it talks not only about the economic progress of a city but also the overall measures which surround it. Often, people have their way of understanding what the “quality of life” means. But in this survey, the criteria did not just tackle the city’s economy such as the wealth and employment; it also included the culture and environment, stability, health, education, and infrastructure.

The 2015 list showed a decrease of 0.7% from the liveability and a 1.3% drop in the stability and safety. Among the highest ranked cities turned out to be mid-sized cities in wealthy countries with an approximately small population, but bragging with great recreational activities and low crime level and overloaded infrastructure.

Here are the lists of the Top 10 Best Cities to Live in the World, based on the Economic Intelligence Unit survey.

10. Helsinki, Finland (Overall rating: 95.6)

Helsinki best city to live in the worldHelsinki: the biggest and the capital city of Finland with approximately 604, 380 current populations. The city is also known as the “Daughter of the Baltic” which is situated on 315 islands and the edge of a peninsula. With a rate of 96.4 over 100 on the infrastructures, the city boasts some of the renowned functionalists’ buildings designed by architects.  Few of these buildings include the Olympic Stadium, the Tennis Palace, the Grass Palace and the Helsinki-Miami Airport. Furthermore, the construction of skyscrapers has been allowed in the 21st century.

Among the other cities of Finland, Helsinki develops roughly one-third of the country’s GDP per capita with 1.3 times the national average. In the 2014’s Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey, the city was listed in the 5th place while Helsinki garnered the 10th place for EIU’s best liveable town in the world assuring the safety of everyone living in it with remarkable healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

9. Auckland, New Zealand (Overall rating: 95.7)

city to live in the world aucklandAuckland holds one-third of the country’s mixed population with some 1.4 million people. However, it boasts of its modernity with an impressive development through the years. While the city is inhabited by different ethnic groups from all over the world, Auckland has also made its way to the country’s most cosmopolitan city.

Due to its perfect gulf and sea location, Auckland was deemed to be the “City of Sails” due to its popularity of sailing. The Auckland region contributed 36% of the country’s GDP with an estimate of US$47.6 million way back in the year 2003. Auckland has been placed in the third rank in the Mercer’s Quality of Life Survey 2014, dropping to the 9th place in the EIU survey this year.

8. Perth, Australia (Overall rating: 95.9)

top city to live in the world PerthPerth is the biggest and the capital city of Western Australia. With an approximate of 2.02 million populations as of 2014, Perth is the fourth most populated city in the whole Australia and one of the most isolated cities in the world.

The city offers a great view on its tourist and heritage spots. With the town’s population size and the economic progress, the development opportunities for more diversified markets have been blooming.

7. Sydney, Australia (Overall rating: 96.1)

best place to liveSydney is massively advancing on its market economy focusing on finance, production, and tourism. The city is not only the seventh best cities to live in the world but also one of the most beloved cities because of its current and dynamic buzz.

The Eastern Australian city is a wealthy world metropolis where the second official seat and second official residence of the most influential staff are located. Abundant historical and modern Australian characteristics and taste are present in Sydney.

6. Calgary, Canada (Overall rating: 96.6)

top city to liveWhile the population runs an estimate of 1, 206, 000, Calgary is considered the biggest city in Alberta, Canada. The clean city situated in the Canadian West, Calgary, equalizes the contemporary and the traditional pioneer glamor.

Aside from the economic growth of the city, Calgary is acknowledged more for its oil and gas industries. While the city has a very low unemployment rate, it also brags the high personal and family revenues and a notable GDP per capital.

5. Adelaide, Australia (Overall rating: 96.6)

best place to live in australiaWhile Adelaide and Calgary have the same overall score, Adelaide led a five-point difference in the culture and environment ratings. When it comes to the quality of life and high living average, Adelaide is the second Australian country included in the top 10 best livable cities in the world.

Located in the Southern part of Australia, Adelaide holds an estimate of 1.30 million populations as of June 2014. The largest employment records are centralized in the health care and social assistance sectors. However, the capital city of South Australia also offers a captivating tourist views, shopping, fine arts, culinary arts and outdoor activities.

4. Toronto, Canada (Overall rating: 97.2)

city to live in north americaThe capital city of Ontario, Toronto was systematized with the dominance of the international business centers, finance, arts, and culture. Toronto was described as “New York City run by the Swiss” which appeared to be true as it globally competes with the financial and economic growth of the country.

Although world-class theaters, shopping malls, and competitive restaurants are located in the city, the cleanliness of the place and safety of the people are also observed. Among the other cities of Canada, Toronto is also one of the most progressive cities with its financial success and advancing infrastructures.

3. Vancouver, Canada (Overall rating: 97.3)

best place to spend your lifeWhile Vancouver has the most populated city in North America, it is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. Big companies and industries are located in the city which makes its economy boom throughout the years.

Vancouver has been listed as in the top best liveable cities for five consecutive years already. Scenic locations in this town mark the major destinations of the tourists. The city’s marvelous cultural life and nature make a living in the city more exciting.

2. Vienna, Austria (Overall rating: 97.4)

city to live to your lifeOne of the wealthiest cities in the European Union, Vienna grossed an amount of 159% of the EU average incorporating 25.7% of Austria’s 2013 GDP. The capital and first city of Austria, Vienna is a home to many major global organizations.

According to UNESCO, constant stay in a coffee house with a newspaper on hands, pastry, and a strong espresso beverage is a cultural Viennese pastime. The city offers a stunning classical and contemporary designs, arts, and ornate geometry which make Vienna the second best cities to live in the world.

1. Melbourne, Australia (Overall rating: 97.5)

best city to live in the world by rankingMelbourne acquired the highest overall scores in the EIU 2015 survey marking the first rank as the best livable city in the world. As of 2014, Melbourne’s population grew to 4,442,918 deeming the second most populated town in the entire Australia.

The economy was highly diversified in the areas of finance, manufacturing, IT, education, research, transportation, tourism, and logistics. Furthermore, large companies and corporations have been established in the city which welcomes more national and international traders and investors annually. Melbourne has been in the list of the best liveable cities for five consecutive years offering a safe and high quality of life.