Top 10 Best Push Up Bar Reviews

Most people perform push-ups on the floor, but push-up bars can help you out and offer a couple of great training benefits. For example, push up bars can reduce wrist discomfort and pain because the push-up bars raise your wrist and allow you to perform push ups without pain. What is more, using a push-up bar can help you to get even closer to the floor during your push up which will increase how hard your muscles work, and get you to reach your goals quicker.

However, there are loads of different push-up bars on the market and it can be hard to pick which bars are best. So, to help you out, and to make the process of buying a push-up bar easier we have done the hard work for you and found some great push up bars that would all look great in any home gym. So, read on to find out about the Top 10 Best Push Up Bar Reviews currently available.

Things to Consider
As picking push up bars can be tricky because there are so many different types available we wanted to help you. What is more, to ensure that you get the best push up bar on the market you should consider a number of important factors, so check out the following 5 factors that you should consider before buying a push-up bar:

1. Transportability

Push up bars are usually lightweight and easy to store which makes them a great exercise tool to take with you when you are going away, or even to take with you to work. What is more, push up bars have typically been designed to increase convenience and ease of use for you. So, it should be easy to find a pair of push up bars that are excellent for transporting, but this is an important factor to consider if you are hoping to take your push up bars with you anywhere.

2. Weight capacity

The weight capacity of push up bars is an important consideration, especially if you are on the heavier side or hoping to use your push up bars when wearing a weighted vest. This is because you do not want to risk breaking the bars which could result in a loss of money, not to mention the risk of you injuring yourself. Therefore, make sure to consider the weight capacity of the push-up bars that you buy.

3. Comfort

Being comfortable when you exercise is really important because you need to be able to conduct lots of push ups to get those toned and muscular arms that you have always wanted. As a result, making sure to consider factors such as grip padding, is a really important thing to do when you are buying push up bars.

4. Stability

There is nothing worse than feeling wobbly and unstable when conducting a push-up. Therefore, make sure to look out for things that could affect the stability of the push-up bars you buy. Important considerations are base width and weight capacity. It can also be helpful to consider other buyers reviews as they will often tell you a lot about the real world stability of the bars that you buy.

5. Price

The final consideration for you when you are looking to buy push up bars is the price. Of course, a higher price is usually indicative of better quality, but that is not always the case. What is more, there may be cheaper push-up bars that are better suited to you and your needs. As a result, make sure to consider the price when you are buying your push up bars, but do not make it the only factor that you look to.

If you don’t want to shop around, but do want the best product available, then check out the Editors Pick based on features, quality, functionality, and value.

After reviewing various Power Towers, we found that the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup is The Best Pushup Bars in the market right now.

Perfect Pushup Bars Signature Original Rotating Pushup Handle.

Reduced joint strain.

Engages more muscles.

 Idela for Navy SEAL inspired 2-minute drills.

Non-slip base, worksouts customized for beginner to advanced difficulty levels.

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Best Push Up Bar Under $10

10. Readaeer Push up Pushup Bars Stands HandlesReadaeer Push up Pushup Bars Stands HandlesIf you’re looking to take your push-up training further than ever before, then Readaeer Push-Up stands are an ideal budget purchase. These push-up bars are a great way to enhance the overall development of your upper body, including both the chest and triceps and will help you to reach your goals faster. The bars are made up of simple, lightweight polypropylene with synthetic leather covers. The components simply snap together for easy assembly. The bars have a weight capacity of 220 lbs.


  • Foam covers improve grip and reduce slipping
  • Bars weigh just over one pound together
  • Supports a maximum recommended weight of 220 pounds


  • Polypropylene material can sometimes break
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Best Push Up Bar Under $15

9. CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

CAP Barbell Push Up BarsDo you like to do push-ups to strengthen the muscles in your pectorals, abdomen and upper arms? If so, this pair of high-quality, chrome plated push up holders from CAP Barbell would make the ideal addition to your fitness and workout routine. The bars are lightweight and easy to transport- the perfect addition to your traveling exercise equipment pack. The bars are made with chrome-plated metal, so they’re a big step up from a cheaper plastic model, and can take more weight as a result.

A great feature of these bars is that they have a slip-resistant foam covered handles for excellent comfort. Also, the bars have great hard rubber footpads for stability and slippage prevention. Thanks to the footpads, these bars work well on any floor surface. Thanks to the additional push up the range you can get with these bars, you can target your chest, shoulder, and back muscles when you do press ups. What is more, these bars have been specifically designed to improve your positioning for pushups so that you can ensure your technique is great.


  • Foam covers improve grip and reduce slipping
  • Hard rubber foot pads improve stability on hard surfaces
  • Solid construction makes it harder to break


  • Bars would be more comfortable with better padding
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Best Push Up Bar Under $20

8. Perfect Fitness 31000 Pushup Bars 

Perfect Fitness 31000 Pushup BarsThe unique push up bars features the original rotating pushup handle design which is not only super stable but thanks to the rotating handle design these bars can help to reduce the joint strain that can occur in traditional push ups. The bars are made from durable, high-quality plastic which not only keeps them low in weight but also ensures that they will last a long time. The bars also have cushioned handles for comfort.

When completing push-ups with these Perfect Fitness bars, it is possible to get a greater depth of push up and engage more muscles for even better fitness and tone results. These bars can be taken on holiday, to the office or can be used in your home gym, or even in your front room. The bars are great for people of all fitness levels and can really help you to reach your summer body goals.


  • Rotating handles reduce strain in your joints
  • Four rubber grips at the base offers great floor stability
  • Specially designed to work out more muscles


  • Handles sometimes break under heavy use
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7. Harbinger Padded Handle Push Up Bars 

Harbinger Padded Handle Push Up BarsThese push-up bars from Harbinger are a fantastic addition to your training equipment pack. The Harbinger Padded push up bar handles enable you to get a deeper push up with ease. The bars can be used for strengthening and toning the upper body which is always desirable, especially as the summer hot’s up.

The bars have a delta-shaped base which sits flat on the floor, no matter what floor surface that may be, in order to create a stable training platform without wobble or movement. Using these bars in your training can help to reduce wrist pressure and pain, and also help to evenly distribute weight between the hands to ensure comfort.

The bars can also help to increase the effectiveness of pushups for working the core. These bars are great for all types of push up. What is more, the nonskid rubber pads on the base help to provide excellent traction with added comfort? The bars are made from polyethylene and have padded foam grips for maximum comfort. The bars can support up to 350lb each.


  • Balanced design makes them difficult to break
  • Evenly distributes weight for better muscle production
  • Supports a maximum recommended weight of 350 pounds


  • Handles bend under weight, which can feel disconcerting
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 6. Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands 

Perfect Fitness Pushup StandsThese Perfect Fitness pushup stands can help you to engage more muscles in your upper body and arms so that you can really maximize your training results and get the toned body that you have always wanted. With these Perfect Pushup Stands, you can get deeper and push your body harder with reduced joint strain. The padded comfort grips also help to keep your wrists in neutral positions to help even more to reduce joint strain.

The bars can help you to increases muscle strength and definition in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs by deepening your push up and helping you to maintain proper form. Another great feature of these Perfect Fitness pushes up stands is that they offer 360-degree stability for better control and ease of movement. What is more, these pushup stands to provide sturdy, non-skid platform grips that function well both on the carpet and hard floor surfaces. The stands weigh just 7.2 ounces and are also designed to stack together, making them super easy to store and transport.


  • Exceptionally durable design
  • Stands weigh less than half a pound and are perfect for travel
  • Handles stack for convenient storage


  • Some users find the handles too wide
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Best Push Up Bar Under $25

5. Maximiza Push-up Bars

Maximiza Push-up BarsThe push-up bars from Maxima are strong and durable to ensure that they will last a long time. The bars are made from chrome steel and have foam feet pads for increased stability. These bars have been designed for maximum user comfort and ease of use so you don’t need to worry that they might break, bend or collapse.

The Maxima push up bars come in two sizes- dependant on your hand circumference and weight. The classic bars are 22mm (~ 7/8 inch) and the Ultra bars are 25mm (1 inch). The weight capacity of the bars depends on which bar you select; the classic bars can hold 100kg (220lb) each, while the ultra bars can hold up to 150kg (330lb). Typically, the classic bars females, or those who are lighter and have smaller hands while the Ultra bars suit heavier people or those with larger hands- typically men.

Unlike some other pushup bars, the Maximiza bars come already assembled, which is very convenient. Better still, the bars contain no joints, making it virtually impossible for the bars to break. Another great feature of these bars is that they are lightweight and easily portable. The bars have really comfortable foam grips that allow you to perform perfect push ups with less pain on your hands. These bars can help you to strengthen and sculpt your shoulders, chest, arms, and back without increased injury or wrist stress, and are a great addition to any exercise pack.


  • One-piece metal design makes them virtually indestructible
  • Grips available in two different sizes
  • Supports a maximum recommended weight of 350 pounds


  • Grips do not last as long as the bars
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4. Push up bars with Ergonomic angle 

Push up bars with Ergonomic angleThese ergonomic push-up bars have a durable construction that is guaranteed not to break, no matter your weight. This is a fantastic feature for those carrying a little extra weight, or for those who like to work out whilst wearing a weighted vest.

The bars can easily be put together as the base simply attaches to handles so there is no need to worry about struggling with putting them together. Having the ability to take the bars apart means that they can be easily stored or taken apart for travelling.

These push-up handles have been designed so that they are the perfect angle to prevent wrist fatigue and pain. This means that you can maximize your results for your upper body exercises. With these bars, you can get great muscle gains in no time.

The bars have foam handle covers which not only provide a secure grip, but they are also soft and comfortable to help you really get the most out of your training. The soft handles also help to increase the width of the handle so that they match your hand’s curves for better athletic performance. A fantastic addition to these bars is that they come with a BONUS eBook that is loaded with video content for exercise inspiration.


  • Incredibly durable construction and design
  • Comes with a bonus eBook for exercise tips
  • Extremely high weight limit makes these stands ideal for people of all sizes


  • Without rubber end caps, it sometimes slips
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Best Push Up Bar Under $30

3. Legend Pushup Stability Trainer 

Legend Pushup Stability TrainerWith these Legend pushup stability trainer bars, you can really push yourself and promote more muscle growth whilst also eliminating wrist pain. The bars can help you to build stronger arms, a bigger chest, broader shoulders and a ribbed core so that you can get that body that you have always wanted. These bars offer you with the possibility to perform rocking push ups as well as traditional stable pushups so that you can perform the perfect pushup form no matter what your body type is, and no matter what your goals are.

These Legend pushup bars have a great new push-up bar design. The bars can help to generate more muscle growth, deliver faster results and create more fun than ordinary push-up bars or regular push-ups alone. The Legend Pushup bar has been designed to rock on the floor, giving your wrists the most comfortable pushup angle, regardless of your body position. These bars offer push up variations and limitless angles so that you can always find a perfect pushup form for your body type.


  • Innovative design allows for a lot of different positions and uses
  • Can be used in stable mode or rocking mode for different workouts
  • Supports a maximum recommended weight of 330 pounds


  • Sleeves may occasionally slip
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2. Perfect Fitness 31001 Push up Bars 

Perfect Fitness 31001 Push up BarsWith these Perfect Fitness push up bars, you can engage more muscles for better training results and faster results. The bars have been built to last. The bars also have a smooth rotation design based on a steel ball bearing system which enables you to perform the perfect push up without straining your wrists. The Perfect Fitness push up bars are weight vest ready as they have a 400-Pound weight capacity.

The bars come with a Perfect Pushup 21-day workout plan which has been designed to help users work hard, no matter what their fitness levels. The Perfect Fitness 2 minute drill workout is unique to them and can be modified for beginners, or the intensity can be increased for advanced users. The 21-plan allows you to customize your workout to fit your level but also pushes you to increase your 1 set max. By getting these bars, and using the plan, you can get started on your journey to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Exceptionally durable design
  • Rotating handles reduce strain in your joints
  • Supports a maximum recommended weight of 400 pounds


  • Handles could be more comfortable
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Best Push Up Bar Under $50

1. Power Press Push Up – Complete Push Up Training System

Power Press Push Up - Complete Push Up Training SystemFor under $50 you can have a complete push-up training system. This power press pushes up kit is revolutionary in the way that the color-coded push-up board can help you to target the specific muscles that you work- whether they be your chest, shoulders, back or triceps.

The cool design of the heavy duty “Plug & Press” push up board system with multiple positions and angles can really help you to focus your training on the muscles that need work so that you can sculpt and maximize your upper body definition.

When you buy this push-up bar option, you will also get access to workout videos on the YouTube channel that lead you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout. A QR code is embedded on the Power Press board as well as the workout chart and retail box for reference so that users can access from smartphones, computers, or TV.


  • Color-coded board makes it easy to work various muscles
  • Comes with a QR code that provides access to workout videos
  • Non-slip design is suitable for all floor surfaces


  • None
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Finding the right push up bars can make all the difference regarding obtaining your fitness results and getting the body that you have always wanted. Finding the best push-up bar can be challenging, so we created this guide to provide you with the resources you need to make a good decision and buy the best push-up bar for your exercise routine.

*All prices mentioned above were at the time of publishing.