Top 10 Beard Grooming and Care Tips

Having a beard defines your masculinity and it often perfectly suits a man’s face. However, not everyone is genetically blessed to grow one. Often, we see male celebrities with clean, full-grown beards. From the fresh look to sporting a full beard, these celebrities have had quite some time in maintaining their beards. Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves, and Ryan Gosling are just a few.

While a clean-shaven face attracts some women, growing and maintaining a beard is something women can’t resist. It is true that this is quite challenging to most of the men wanting to grow a full beard. After you’ve grown some beard, it does not end there. It is necessary that you have to keep it clean and presentable. Keep these top ten beard grooming tips essential for your full beard growing process. This way, you can also boost your hygiene to prevent unkempt, itchy and odorous beard. Remember these three key points of growing and maintaining a beard – condition, sculpt and style. Please read our Top 10 Beard Grooming Tips in detail.

10. Apply Beard Oil

oil for beard care and groomingJust like the normal hair, your beard needs some oil. It is similar to wax that aims to keep your beard with style. Did you know that you also produce dandruff on your beard? Yes, and they call it “beardruff.”

As shocking as it sounds, beardruff is due to the itching of your beard when it draws all the desired nutrients from your face. This makes you face scorched and flaky. The beard oil helps in the hydration providing the necessary nutrients it needs, and it helps keep your beard presentable. This might lessen the time you are taking when styling your beard.

9. Comb It Well

beard brush and combBeard grooming is also like maintaining your hair. Combing your beard especially for men with a full beard is necessary. However, you need to have a separate comb exclusively for your beard. First, you need to have a wide-tooth comb, a narrow tooth comb, and a beard brush.

In this case, you don’t only keep it the way you wanted it to be, but you are also removing any tangles from your beard. Also, you make sure it does not look like you just woke up from your bed. Comb your beard after washing it so it may still be moist, and so you can style it better.

8. Have a Healthy Diet

good diet for beard groomingWhen you grow a beard, you must also consider the process and the things needed for a healthy and clean result. According to sources, nutrition is essential for the fast growth and great look of the facial hair. For more youthful skin and hair, there are recommended vitamins and diet for you.

For healthy skin and hair, have a diet rich in Omega-3 and vitamins, particularly vitamin A, protein and saturated fat. Drinking too much alcohol may also have an effect on your skin as it causes dehydration. Therefore, if you are aiming for a healthy and great-looking beard, consider taking good care of your health. A healthy skin means a healthy hair.

7. Know the Proper Beard Line

beard shaving line to take careOften than not, most men are not aware of their beard line. Sometimes, it is often enough to grow a beard, and the process is off. In fact, it is important to know the proper beard line. But what does a beard line imply?

Your beard line can differentiate your look – that’s if you look fatter or sharper with your beard. According to experts, if your beard line is close to your neck, it might make you look a little fatter with a double chin. Therefore, your beard line is necessary.

6. Avoid Trimming a Wet Beard

do not trim wet beardUsually, men trim their beards just after showering or washing. This has been the norm. Little did you know that you are not doing it right. If you are not looking after your beard, this might get out of control.

According to sources, wet beards tend to be usually longer. So if you trim down wet beards, you might end up cutting more than you have planned. For an accurate result regarding the amount of facial hair you need to trim, do the trimming when your beard is dry.

5. Use a Beard Trimmer

always use beard trimmerWhen trimming your beard, you don’t just use a regular pair of scissors. For all you know, a beard trimmer is an excellent tool used for fashioning your beard. However, you must have the knowledge to use to maximize it. Comb the beard downward before running the trimmer.

As per an expert, you can also go in an ascending direction than out once you grasped the sideburn portion. Once finished, you have to comb it again to maintain its neatness. Beard trimmers work best on thin beards even on busy schedules.

4. Invest in the Proper Tools

beard accessories and toolsHaving a professional maintain your beard is a bit expensive so why not spend on the necessary tools and do it yourself? Jot down the right tools and you can search or avail it online or in the store nearest you. First on the list is the beard trimmer; you can also try to look for a cordless trimmer.

If you choose to do it manually, you can avail professional scissors and a comb. This way, you can manually trim and sculpt your beard. This is perfect for men with longer beards. But at the end of the day, it’s all about your personal preference.

3. Have a Workable Routine

always maintain your beardIt takes time and effort to maintain and keep a well-groomed beard. This is what most men lack. Hence, before you devote yourself in growing a beard, you must make sure that you can go through the process. Do not just grow and let it go.

Be ready to commit yourself to a particular period every day or every weekend for your beard maintenance. Make it your everyday routine. Set your schedule and try it for a few weeks and observe if it works for you. Also, consider setting a different beard style that does not take so much of your time and effort when maintaining.

2. Have a Style in Mind

choose your beard styleThink of a style that fits the shape of your face. While every man has their distinct features, the growth of the facial hairs depends on the form of the face and the genes. This means not all mean have the capability to grow a full beard.

Different beard styles have their meaning. For round faces with double chins, a beard with “sharp lines and borders” fit you which is also great in “hiding the curves.” Long beards are perfect for triangular faces because it “adds girth.” Men with long faces fit the full beard with thicker sides and trimmed beard around the mouth and chin.

1. Keep it Clean and Moisturized

moisture your beard and cleanA clean and moisturized beard averts itchiness and boost the softness of the facial hair and skin. If you plan to grow your beard, you must keep this in mind. To prevent dryness and sinewy, you must wash and condition it. There are beard wash and conditioners recommended by experts.

But, a good shampoo and a conditioner are enough. You can also use a beard balm for a bit more moisture. Just after washing, you can dry it with a clean towel. Clean towel to prevent bacteria from breaking in. You should avoid blow drying to prevent kinkiness and wiry. Finally, comb it using a wide-tooth comb.

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