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Welcome to MuchNeeded.com, web’s most trusted list site for top 10 products in different lines.

Over here, we handpick top 10 items of different product lines for people who want to avoid the confusion when buying different products like Best BBQ Grills to Knife Sharpeners to Paper Shredders and much much more.

The idea came to Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Founder and Advisor at Omnicore and an entrepreneur by heart, wanted to give back to the end user. He has been working in B2B in his career, helping businesses better use digital to skyrocket their business. It was time to reach, connect, and help the end user and the best way was to make their online buying process easier.

Our aim is to extensively research and handpick best products in every category so you can pick among those top products in different price brackets that is in the range of every type of customer.

A special shoutout to Salman Aslam who has been overseeing the operations as a CEO for MuchNeeded.com.

The products listed on our website are ones that we’d choose for ourselves and suggest friends and family and we hope to make the buying process easy for you. Having said that, if you have any comments or suggestions we’d be more than happy to hear them out so feel free to write to us.


Hafiz Muhammad Ali



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