10 Most Luxurious Airlines in the World

Nowadays, traveling has become a norm for most people either for business purposes or a tour. And airports have been the usual complain of every passenger especially upon their arrival which adds to the discomfort they have experienced from the airlines they boarded on. Either by air, by land or by sea, the comfort of the boarders must be one of the top priorities aside from their safety.

If you are flying by air, make sure to consider your comfort especially during long-hour travels. There are various airlines that offer the luxury life throughout the duration of the flight. And when you choose to fly first-class, there could be lesser stress and worries that can satisfy your needs and wants. Experience the lavish amenities and luxurious flight memory with the great airlines for your liking. Please read our Most Luxurious Airlines in the World review in detail.

10. American Airlines ($1,800)

American AirlinesSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

Whether you are traveling for business purposes or just for fun, American Airlines rarely disappoints. It features their great service and affordable flying which features their first class seating. Enjoy your trip without worrying for your comfort. Their first class section features a chair-swivel seating.

This is great for in-air meetings or just merely flying. Your swivel chair bends down into a comfortable bed when it’s time for rest. Noise cancelling headphones is also provided to wedge out any background noise. And if you have extra cash, you can avail extra services and experience world-class amenities throughout your flight.

9. Air India ($2,000)

Air IndiaSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

For a new high-class experience, the Air India showcases their world-class air services. It boasts a flight of comforting luxury. The comfort and safety of the passengers are always the top priorities when traveling or flying. Air India offers their guaranteed best services during the duration of the flight.

The built-in “sleeperette” is meant for the passengers; it reclines to a total 180-degree angle. It has its own mattress topper and has easy admission to the aisle. Moreover, the airline serves good food that won’t disappoint your palates. You can order lamb chops, kabobs and more.

8. Jet Airways ($2,700)

Jet AirwaysSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

Unlike the American Airlines and Air India, Jet Airways is a lot different but still offers a luxurious lifestyle. This airline offers a distinct feeling and unique experience especially when flying. The passengers are provided with their own reclined bed. They can also get to choose their own taste of movies.

Magazines are at the side table right beside the bed. If you think you are in quench of a bottle of champagne, the crew will open it right in front of you. It provides an overnight kit exclusively for your use and comfort including slippers, eye mask, and your own pajamas. If you get the chance to fly with Jet Airways, have a taste of their glamorous dishes such as squash soup or cheese plates.

7. Korean Air ($3,300)

Korean AirSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

Another Asia’s best, the Korean Air boasts a unique ambiance of world-class and enjoyable experience. As you fly, you may have one of the best times of your life. Korean Air features their “Kosmo Suites” which is great for people looking for privacy. It also offers a sense of nature feeling.

With its wood-finished design, it makes you feel close to nature and keeps the serene and tranquil atmosphere during the duration of your flight. Your private corner includes full control over your foot rest and back massage plus the remote control of your personal flat screen TV.

6. Air Canada ($4,000)

Air CanadaSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

Next on the list is the Air Canada. Experience their first-rate amenities and enjoy your time as you fly with Air Canada. It offers a comfortable chair which they call “pods”. It also has back and neck massages during your flight. Your comfort is guaranteed as you entrust your flight with them.

It has a large side table where you can put your wine glass. Along with your headphones for the cancellation of noise, you also have an access on your own personal touch screen TV. Although the price is expensive, try out booking your ticket with Air Canada as long as you have the cash.

5. British Airways ($6,400)

British AirwaysSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

For a stress-less flight, British Airways can make your flight as relaxed as possible. With their aim of making their passengers at ease and calm, you may have a comfortable time the whole travel. It provides full reclined beds where you can sleep when tired. Your comfort also comes with your own pajamas and skincare products for refreshment.

The seats are also supplied with great amount of storage and power outlets so you can access your laptops, mobile devices and gadgets. If you want to drink champagne, there’s an adequate space provided where you can rest your wine glass on. Whether you want to eat your meal or not, they serve great food like lobster and steak.

4. All Nippon Airways ($7,500)

All Nippon AirwaysSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

If your concern when flying is the food offered on your table, All Nippon Airways offer a good dining experience. Their full-course meals are readily available that differs each flight. They offer Japanese cuisines and even international styles that suit your taste. Each meal is accompanied with a newly made drink with great taste and quality set by professionals.

The airline has two distinct styles of first-class seating depending on your choices. However, both offers utter privacy and comfort. It has a chair which turns to a full bed when totally reclined. You have full control on your own personal television. Your private nook also has a cocktail table and an international phone that you can use for important meetings.

3. Air France ($8,100)

Air FranceSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

With your comfort in mind, Air France sees to it that you are experiencing the life of luxury throughout your flight. It features a private recliner where you can rest the night out. You also have your own personal TV with variety of movie collections. The recliner has an easy access to the aisle.

Air France offers a kit that includes a pair of slippers, a ‘night over’ kit, a dust bag for your shoes and everything that you need during your flight. It may look like it has no difference from the other airlines but Air France offers their unique way of providing comfort for their passengers plus the massaging recliners.

2. Emirates Airline ($21,000)

Emirates AirlineSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

Next to Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airline provides the conveniences that you are looking for that other airline does not offer. When you ask for full privacy, the airline provides you this. You will have your own recliner within a sliding door. As a part of your luxurious life, you will have an access on your private mini bar

The space is just enough if you wish to change into the pajamas they have provided for you. There’s also a mirror where you can check out yourself and not to mention your own private television. In addition, if you want to freshen up before your arrival, there’s a full shower situated in the upper deck.

1. Cathay Pacific Airways ($31,300)

Cathay Pacific AirwaysSource and image: en.wikimedia.org

On top of the list, the Cathay Pacific Airways offer the highest class of airline service and comfort. Just when you enter the plane, you are ushered to your own private space. It has a leather recliner with a LCD touchscreen. This gives you full control over the lights and the setting of your chair.

You can position your recliner into a full bed where you can rest until your descent. Cathay Pacific Airways offer your own pajamas and a full-course hand-prepared meal and wine. Sounds appalling, right? Now, you can also taste the life of the rich and experience first-class flying throughout your air travel.